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Company: ej4, Saint Louis, MO USA
Category:; Health, Wellness and Safety Solution Provider of the Year

Entry Title: Health, Wellness, and Safety Solution Provider of the Year

Solution Provider Essay:

With the pressures of work we often put our personal health, wellness, and even safety low on our priority list.

That will eventually catch up with us. Staying healthy, being mindful of hazards at work, and keeping track of our personal wellness gives us the ability to do our jobs. A safe, healthy workforce means a productive organization. Our Safety and Health and Wellness content has grown over the last few years. In addition, our safety training provides a manager version and an employee version to make sure each group is getting just the right information they need. Employers are looking at these topics differently than they have in the past. It used to be up to the employee to take care of him/herself. Now employers are seeing the benefits of having healthy, happy, and engaged employees.

When creating our content, we took a look at a wide range of topics. Work-life balance, staying germ-free, eating well, and basic ergonomics are at the core of the topic. But we took it one step further, to include stress, financial wellness, the proper way to sleep and change your schedule, understanding headaches, the convenience store diet, knowing your health numbers, and all the way down to how you can burn a few extra calories while you’re sitting at your desk. Required safety training can be a less than enjoyable topic for many employees, which is why our safety training content features unexpected design elements and practical applications that keep the viewer engaged and informed. Our Safety library includes topics such as Hazard Communication, First Aid, Electrical Safety, Confined Spaces, and many more. Many of these series are broken down into specific courses for managers and employees so everyone understands their role in fostering a safe workplace. ej4 has over 50 programs in this topic and we continue to look for new program ideas to add.

In addition to new content, we’ve updated several programs in our Health and Wellness and Safety libraries.

Our team of writers, graphic designers, and producers find a way to take previously recorded content and give it a new and improved look and sound.

1. New script and messaging – New information is constantly available because of the Internet, media, books, and magazines, and even our everyday conversations. To stay in-the-know, we have to conduct constant research on course topics and incorporate those themes into our eLearning courses. Your content must reflect what’s happening right now, from compliance to the best practices in all aspects of skill building.

2. Modern graphics – Training should be fun, which is why we make our content ‘Everything but Ordinary.’

Humans are born with the innate desire for things to be visually appealing, which is why we incorporate unexpected design elements into our courses, like bright colors and vibrant graphics. By updating how your eLearning courses look, users will actually use the content.

You can’t fix everything with new graphics, though. You need an instructional design process that allows you to evaluate which images are engaging versus distracting. This is why we strongly utilize adult learning theory in our course creation. Graphics should be relatable and clear, but also be captivating and hold the attention.

3. Updated best practices – Even the way employees consume eLearning content is something we have to take into consideration. Ten years ago, long training courses were the standard, but in recent years eLearning content has become increasingly shorter and segmented. Instead of watching an hour and a half video on one subject, topics are broken up into series of short-form videos that cater to the frequent interruptions that happen at work. However, content that is too short can be ineffective if you cut important information just to save time.

Solution Provider Summary

• Mobile-friendly, video-based content
• Short courses average 7 minutes in length
• Instructional design based on best practices in adult learning
• Tactical content that teaches you one new concept per video
• Each course contains a downloadable summary of the key learning points
• Application questions available for the learner to implement what they learned
• Short exam offering immediate feedback on the comprehension of the content
• Continued exams after the initial learning even to reinforce the training content delivered at 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, and 4 months
• Course progress is tracked and reported through our learning management system, or the client’s LMS

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