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Company: Workiva Inc., Ames. IA USA

Category: Employer of the Year - Computer Software - More Than 250 Employees


Nomination Title: Workiva



2017 was an innovative and exciting year for Workiva. We continued to grow rapidly while keeping sight of our purpose: to serve our clients and treat our employees with integrity and compassion.

Our novel approach to employee relations, Human Asset Management (HAM), resulted in eight best
workplace awards since the beginning of 2017. Human Asset Management relies on a philosophy of putting our employees first, listening to their voices, and responding to their needs. This extra care for our employees gets passed on to our customers every day, and our talented and dedicated employees have changed our customers' lives. This is evidenced by our 95 percent customer satisfaction score – among the highest in any industry.

In 2017, we expanded our commitment to empower our employees in every area, from supporting community engagement, to encouraging continuing education, and offering additional benefits.

Our employee-driven culture fosters new initiatives that are researched and presented by our various HAM groups. Responding to our employees' requests, we began to offer paid volunteer time-off in 2017. With paidtime off for volunteering, hands-on community service projects, and office-based fundraisers, we strive to improve the places where we live and work. As a result, employees at our offices have formed volunteer groups. These groups allow our teams to bond outside of the office and support their communities. For example, one volunteer group collected over 100 pairs of jeans, cut enough fabric to make 30 pairs of shoes, and raised $300 for Sole Hope, an organization that promotes healthier lives in Uganda.

In response to another employee-driven initiative, a new policy was instituted to allow employees to privately donate their earned time off to another employee in need during a medical or natural disaster emergency.

This gives our employees the opportunity to support each other during times of need.
Our Affinity Groups have taken an active role in maintaining a work atmosphere in which people of diverse; backgrounds, beliefs and interests may grow personally and professionally. Our affinity groups include Women in Tech, Parenting, Veterans, Ethnic Diversity in Tech, Women in Sales and LGBTQ+.

In 2017, we expanded the efforts of diversity and inclusion to support additional employee-driven affinity groups, which support recruiting and retaining diverse employees. In addition, we created a new position,Director of Diversity and Inclusion, to work with the Workiva Diversity Inclusion Committee, the HAM team, Affinity Groups and employees throughout the company to enhance current and new diversity programs. To complement our commitment to employees, new microlearning sessions were added to our Learn Center to expand employee and manager awareness and knowledge in the areas of diversity and unconscious bias.

In 2017, we also instituted Employee Learning Week to help foster and nurture our strong learning culture.

The focus of the week is all things learning and development, including: knowledge sharing, training courses, employee self-development, development planning for career success, and learning activities linked to employee roles and careers. In our first Employee Learning Week, there were over 800 employee views of events that took place across all locations. Employees had rave reviews, and this event will continue to be an annual event.

Workiva focuses on going above and beyond through new programs and initiatives to engage and benefit our employees. From personal development and financial security to opportunities for service and fun. We believe this is why we have a 90% employee retention rate, and an employee satisfaction level of 95% according to the third-party survey conducted by “Great Place to Work.” We aren’t just looking to ensure that the people of Workiva have the right tools and resources to achieve their daily tasks. We are creating an environment that supports them and their families in their careers and broader lives.


Employer of the Year Summary

Employees Benefits
Introduced employee PTO donation program, pet insurance, identity theft insurance and legal insurance,Employee Stock Purchase Plan and ramped-up our compensation infrastructure.

Community Involvement
Expanded paid Volunteer Time-Off per employee requests. Encouraged employee participation in numerous local charities. Donated over $100,000 to nonprofits through charitable giving and corporate sponsored United Way events.

Investing in STEM
Funded and staffed hackathons, educational events, community tech workspaces and charity events. Hosted professional development sessions for students at various offices.

Nurturing Students
Employed over 140 interns and provided group mentoring, professional development workshops, challenges, entrepreneurial events and learning opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion
Created a Director of Diversity and Inclusion position. The person helps maintain a work atmosphere in which people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and interests may grow personally and professionally.

Continuing Education
Introduced Employee Learning Week, which includes: knowledge sharing, training courses, employee self-development, planning for career success, and learning activities linked to employee roles and careers.













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