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Company: Türk Telekom, Istanbul, Turkey
Category: 360 Degree Feedback Solution – New

Entry Title: Orchestra Talent Management System / 360 Degree Competency Evaluation

Products Essay:

Türk Telekom’s objective is to create a HR system that will attract and retain the right talents for our company.

The basic approach we have adopted in talent management as Türk Telekom is to embrace the fact that each employee has different talents. With this in mind, we have named our talent management system “Orchestra”.

With Orchestra, we target a transparent talent management and development process whereby everyone creates a harmony in our organization with different sounds and the right sounds are included in the music at the right times and right points with an effective leadership (positioned in the right way in business processes and in the organization).

The 3 main instruments of ORCHESTRA are as follows;

Performance Evaluation (concrete contributions to the business and business development motivation)

Potential Evaluation (covers 360-degree competency evaluations, development/assessment center results, if any, manager potential evaluation surveys and talent management committee outputs)

Training and Development Planning (Advanced training/development solutions and alternative development platforms)

Our objective is to be able to identify in an objective manner and using multiple sets of data, potential executives that Türk Telekom will need in the future and technical expert talents in whom the company will invest in order to offer deeper specialization in their relevant disciplines.

Orchestra Talent Management System’s steps are;

1) 360 Degree Competency Evaluation>

2) Performance Management>

3)Training and Development Planning>

4) Potential Evaluation>

5) Talent and Succession Committee>

6) Career/Promotion Planning>

7) Development


Planning and Following Up

360 Degree Competency Evaluation is the first step of the system (You can find screenshots of the system info-graphics and sample reports as attached).The process begins for our white collar employees; at this stage, employees and managers are subject to a multi-dimensional evaluation by their managers, peers, internal customers and subordinates. Additionally, they evaluate themselves. Their manager, peers (peers reporting to the same manager), subordinates (the employees who directly report to the relevant employee) are automatically assigned to the forms of the employees and they cannot be removed. Employees select their colleagues from the functions they work with as internal customers, and managers approve the evaluator selection through the system. The scope of the evaluation consists of behaviors and competencies included in the Türk Telekom leadership model.

360-Degree Competency Evaluation Platform; All steps of the 360 Degree Competency Evaluation System are implemented on the SAP platform. On the first page, there are four main aspects of our leadership model.

Related competencies, behaviors, scales and other information open downwards by clicking on these aspects.

Evaluations are made on a scale of 5 and "No Opinion" button is also available. Free texts for minimum and maximum evaluations must be filled. 360 Degree Competency Evaluation report is generated by the system and is rich in visuals.

After evaluation period, individual reports are sent to the employees and management reports are shared with the managers. 360-Degree Competency Evaluation results involving 6 different reports are shared with our employees electronically to increase their individual awareness (Perception Analysis Report, Detailed Competency Report Based on Evaluator Groups, Detailed Competency Report, Awareness Matrix/Johari Window, Development Areas and Strengths Summary Report, Open-ended Questions Report). There are also executive reports shared with managers.

With the reporting period, managers start "feedback meetings" with their employees; goes over competency evaluation results, talks about strengths / development areas, and creates an improvement plan. At the beginning of this period the infographics are shared, which includes important points about both the ability to receive feedback and the ability to provide feedback. Following the interviews, the employees complete individual development planning forms on the "Development Planning Platform". This allows the managers and employees to follow up their development actions through the system.

Thus, not only the culture of multidimentional feedback is supported but also actions taken after development plans enable the development culture to extend throughout the company.

Products Summary:

-Within the scope of 2018 360° Competency Evaluation process, 7.462 employees were sent their “Personal Development Report” and 1.166 managers received their “Management Report” covering the evaluation results of their teams.

-155.234 reports were produced on the system in order to produce the “Personal Development Reports” of 7.462 employees.

-24 executives from the top management were shared customized detailed reports covering their teams’ evaluation results.

-Participation rate has been %94 in 2018 (the proportion of evaluation forms completed by employees / the rate in 2017 was %93)

-Videos addressed as a development solution for each competency were assigned to employees in line with their lowest-scored 2 competencies.

-Within the scope of communication activities, vast visuals were placed in all locations and weekly reminder e-mails, infographics, user manuals were shared.

-3.696 employees structured their development plans on the Development Planning Platform following their feedback meetings with their managers in 2018.

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