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Company: Türk Telekom, Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Chief Human Resources Officer of the Year

Entry Title: Sukru Kutlu, Turk Telekom CHRO - Human Resources Executive of the Year

Individual Essay:

Türk Telekom is a company that has to perpetuate its corporate development in order to maintain its leading position in the telecommunications industry. In our capacity as the Department of Human Resources, we lead the way for innovative systems and practices. Here are some of our major practices:


We run an integrated talent management and development program called ORKESTRA for the development of our talents who bring our company to the future. We have designed a transparent and development oriented process that deploys influential leadership and human resources in business procedures and organization and covers domestic/international development programs.

ORKESTRA offers 360° Competency Measurement, Performance and Potential Evaluation and Internal Assessment and Development Center stages. We assessed 8324 people for talent management in 2017.

We provide organizational sustainability by means of succession management focused on critical positions.

Assessment and succession procedures are followed by development actions for employees who are part of the pool of talents and employed as a successor to make sure that they are ready for leading positions.


Through the effective execution of the HR Business Partnership model, we have made sure that HR is adopted by employees and managers as a strategic business partner. One of the HR practices that have gone beyond the expectations of our business partners is stay interviews that we hold with our talented employees we would like to retain in addition to exit interviews held in the event of cease of employment.

· For every HRBP, a KPI was set for the number of meetings to be conducted that year. These targets were realized at 85%.
· The satisfaction scores of the interviews were monitored. According to the survey results, 89% of interviewed employees stated that they were pleased and they wanted these interviews to continue.
· In 18 months, 3,919 interviews were held throughout the company,
· In 18 months, only 249 out of 3919 people (6.5%) interviewed left the job, which is below the turn-over rate of Turk Telekom.


The department of human resources has built a simpler, responsive and driven organizational setup to serve for the strategic goals of the company and make growth and profitability sustainable. The restructuring process was run and completed by the department of human resources on a successful note in terms of systems, practices and approaches. Achieving a remarkable improvement in the aftermath of the restructuring process, financial figures reaffirmed the quality of the process in resolutions and practices, and consolidated the perception of the human resources as a strategic partnership.


We run employee commitment analytics in an effort to provide our HR operations with assistance of analytical infrastructure. To this end, we create patterns, making use of advanced statistical analyses. This helps us make a descriptive analysis of employees for their personal data as well as talent management, training & development, in-house communication, motivation and commitment, and turn it into information that steer actions to be taken by our HR Business Partners and other HR teams.


As a testament to our flexible HR setup, we also develop innovative ways of operation. In 2017, we
established virtual project teams in which our employees could enjoy the culture of collaboration irrespective of organizational boundaries. As a first of their kind, our project entitled TAMBU and EMPATI were launched as a globally-acknowledged matrix business model that goes beyond conventional and hierarchical models, and they have been highly successful.

As a part of the program EMPATI, our employees are now deployed a customer experience and brand ambassador. Another major project was TAMBU, the very first domestic smart digital keyboard in Turkey.

Individual Summary:

*11 domestic and international awards! Mr. Sükrü Kutlu, was also named among the top 50 CHRO by the Fortune magazine.
*We held a stay interview with 3919 employees with 93.5% of satisfaction.
*Achieved operational excellence at HR Shared Services! HR Help Desk resolved 10.000+ calls.
*Türk Telekom Sports Olympics hosted 5000 employees and handed out 144 medals and cash prize worth TRY 204.000.
*With the project: "Writers Among Us", 2 books penned by 2 of our employees were published for 7000 copies
*TTAcademy provided 750.239 hours of f2f training at MIT Sloan, International programs and corporate business schools i.e.
*Established TT laboratories in 11 universities as a part of the project on telecommunications by masters.
*We have built a memorial forest for employees’ special occasions.
*We have reached out to 19.000 employees as a part of more than 200 motivational events.





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