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Company: Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Category: Achievement in Workforce Development and Learning

Entry Title: Transforming the Workforce for Digital Evolution at Accelerated Pace

Achievement Essay


With the advent of digital technology and the need to be agile, at 400,000 employees, the need for a unique leadership program that could create dynamic leaders, a vivacious culture and encourage move to new business models was key to success.

PE Program:

The Personal Excellence Program started as a 20 people batch grew to 200 in a year by word of mouth. So high was the engagement and so significant the results that it got picked up by the CEO for scale. Soon this year it became 500 associates in a session/. It has now delivered 3000 associates, each over the 9 months academic format, in the last 3 years alone.

The program, now a CEO Strategic Initiative, is being designed to address 50,000 people digitally, a lighter version with 5,000 in-person session this year through the workshop sessions.


Personal Excellence (PE) program is a 9 months program, offering 4 Levels of Mastery, Personal, Leadership, Business and Customer. Each of the 4 levels consists of an initial immersive learning experience of 4 days covering multitude of sessions by eminent trainers, experts and CXOs. .This is followed by 2 month of online courses and occasional master classes from world class leadership trainers. Expert coaching is provided for individual attention.; The audience is leaders across various industry verticals, with a total experience of 10 years to 25 years.

Personal Mastery address the individual by uncovering layers of beliefs through which key decisions in life are made. It anchors the associate within.

Leadership Mastery addresses that part of the individual where foundations are strong and yet there is a strong reliance on the ecosystem and incoming opportunities to resolve the conflict within. It enables the associate to lead.

Business Mastery enables the leader to understand the business - to be successful and have a purposeful life. It allows the leader to understand the landscape and the skills to excel in business.

Customer Mastery addresses that part of the individual where business mastery has not yielded significant delight from the customer. It enables the need to go back to human connect, trust and relationships- albeit to the outside world.

At each level,

1. Continuous Learning & Assessment - A continuous data based online evaluation process is employed to measure learning progress and to qualify candidates for the next level.
2. Group Learning (Peer to Peer Learning) - This is 50% of the course and is a game changer
3. Teaching others - Participants are encouraged to teach their peers and their ecosystem to learn better.
4. Customized Learning - Each level contents are designed at the end of the assessment, using data analysis and insights, to ensure significant dynamic content, to keep in mind the learning needs of the group as they emerge.
5. Rewards – Multiple type of incentives are built in to ensure engagement and sustenance over 1 year.


1. Personal and Business Transformation at unprecedented Scale - Some of the success stories include participants cracking multimillion dollar deals struck for over a decade, turning around a difficult clients, Increasing the revenue of their accounts by 4 times in just one quarter and achieving historically high customer satisfaction ratings
2. Extensive Experiential Learning – role plays, theatre, etc
3. Gamification & Leadership Scoreboards
4. Mindfulness and Personal Growth as the base.
5. Strong reliance on a deep connect along with great content.
6. Creating a common language, a tribe and a family of over 500 leaders, supporting each.
7. Faculty chosen basis alignment and exemplification of taught values, over and above mastery of content.
8. Throughout, focus is on fun & purpose, a lightheartedness yet steadfastness to work and life.
(Please do refer to the impact documents & videos attached)

Achievement Summary:

1. Many Firsts for the Organisation

a. First Academy in the World to attempt Behavioral and Leadership transformations at Scale
b. First to show significantly higher level of engagement across all the 9 months of execution.
c. First to design Collaborative Approach & Peer Learning as an integral ingredient. 50% Peer to Peer Learning enabled.
d. First to undergo a massive facilitation and gamification approach to deliver the program, while
maintaining standardization across
e. First to use analytics and assessments to customize learning at each level.

2. Significant Paradigm Shifts in Associate

3. Impressive Collaboration with Business and Organizational Change Management

4. Measured Impact across quantitative and qualitative

5. Multiple International Awards including ’30 world changing women in conscious business’ and Women Economic Forum’s ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence’. Recently won 2 Stevie in 2018 International Business Awards Bronze for ‘Innovator of the year’ and ‘Maverick of the year’ for PE.

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