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Company: Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Category: Learning/Training Team of the Year

Entry Title: Talent Development Team of the Year

Team Essay:

When the British retailer Marks & Spencer Group Plc initially came to TCS looking for cost cuts on technology in the wake of Brexit and market tumult - instead of pushing back, TCS came up with a broader five-year strategy, including an enterprise-wide tech-led transformation to use digital and other technologies to boost the retailer’s customer experience and drive growth, transforming it from a CIO initiative to a CEO initiative.

This is one of the success stories of digital transformation among the many that have come from a constant focus on reskilling and upskilling employees from legacy technologies to digital technologies.

TCS operates on a global scale, with a diverse talent base of over 390,000+ associates, representing 131 nationalities, across 46 countries. Driving a culture of continuous learning is important to keep the associates ahead of the competition. The Talent Development team at TCS is at the forefront of partnering with employees to enable customers to ‘Experience Certainty’.

Enterprise Talent Development- Building a future-ready organization

Our enterprise-wide talent strategy enables us to develop employees across all levels in response to future business needs and projections and the talent/skill gaps assessed. The core of the talent strategy is to build capabilities internally through reskilling, upskilling and right skilling. The vision of Talent Development is -Digitally delivered Learning at an accelerated pace and global scale. Strategic alliances with technology and learning vendors like Oracle, SAP, Skillsoft, and Lynda help in providing end-to-end learning solutions.

The 600+ team distributed across geographies brings a diverse set of qualifications and experience to build virtual and digital learning solutions to enable Anytime, Anywhere learning in TCS.

Team Structure

The team has a hybrid, distributed structure with responsibilities divided at the Corporate, Business Unit (BU) and Region levels. The Corporate Team works at the strategy, policy, process definition, planning, and monitoring, and is also responsible for driving various corporate initiatives. The core leadership team comprises the Program and Practice leads. Regional Learning Heads define the implementation plan based on the learning strategy.

Key Challenges for the Learning Team

The speed of change of technology and the competitive landscape require an immediate deployment of new courses
The large scale of employees to be trained
The wide geographic spread of employees

Approaches Used:

1. To realize the Talent Development digital learning strategy, learning team:

2. Developed infrastructure to facilitate virtual learning - Invested in connected classrooms Hi-tech classrooms (10 nos.) that can be combined into a single, virtual learning environment.

3. Developed mobile-first, personalized and gamified learning solutions to engage Gen Y learners.

4. Developed the patented approach of measuring T-Factor for employees to check their learning excellenceindividually and in groups

5. Pioneered group learning initiatives

6. Restructured TD team to maximize output and deliver on the promise of virtual learning.

7. Maintained the people focus through integration with other HR functions to offer end-to-end talent solutions.
The concerted effort of the team has led to greater engagement through any time, anywhere learning,
business impact and efficiency and effectiveness.
100% pre-ILP training is in virtual mode.
100% Business Domain Academy courses and certification are virtual.
7,500 trained in Ascent, the first time leaders program
89% of those trained in leadership programs have moved to higher roles
72 Live Chats hosted, over 2,300 Learning Blogs posted and 30+ new communities created for peer learning on Knome enabling the building of a learning organization.

25,000 hours of 100% digitized and interactive in-house Business English learning is made available to learners to enhance their skills, resulting in 19,755 competency movements in FY18 as against 9,495 in FY17 and a cost saving of approx. $431,503 in FY18.

508 hours of digital learning content was created in FY18 (205 hours in FY17) which reduced Instructor-led Training from 15% to 9%.

Team Summary:

1. 40+ Global Awards for Innovation and Excellence in Learning - 8 times winner of the ATD BEST award, 15+ Brandon Hall Gold Awards, the CIPD and the UK Learning Awards
2. 515,000 participants completed various programs under Inclusive Learning Pyramid
3. Digital demand fulfillment through TCSers up from 80% in FY17 to 85% in FY18
4. Lateral hiring for Digital competencies down from 13% in FY17 to 5% in FY18
5. Achieved greater efficiency with 1611 employees achieving 17,666 days of learning per TD staff member
6. 50+ copyrights and filing 20+ patents in two years
7. 93.5% of the training delivered was tech-enabled
8. The lowest attrition rate of 11 % in the industry
9. 354,824 out of the 394,990+ employees have been engaged in 13,874 learning programs with 6,500 faculties resulting in 5.5 million learning days
10. 247,400+ unique associates acquired at least one digital competency with a total of 861,480+ digital
competencies across the organization

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