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Company: Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Category: Human Resources Professional of the Year

Entry Title: HR as a Strategic Partner to Business using the right Learning Interventions

Individual Essay:

Nidhi Raina is Global Head of Personal Excellence Academy(PE) at Tata Consultancy Services, which has transformed the lives of over 3,000 executives in a short span of three years, delivering quantitative transformations at a large scale.

In lieu with the vision of creating a conscious and self-driven workforce at TCS,PE was conceptualized by Nidhi. The program aimed to create individuals who are happy on the inside and dynamic on the outside.

She started this as an experiment on smaller batches of about 20 participants. Driven solely through self nomination, the program grew organically with word of mouth praise, from participants who had experienced the powerful personal transformation. The feedback about the spectacular results eventually reached then CEO. Won over by Nidhi’s passion, he encouragement Nidhi to reach out to the wider population within TCS.

Over 3 years and 3000 associates, it has now grown into a full blown Academy with over 500 participants in a single session, on a transformational Journey of 9 months. The program is now being designed to address 50,000 people digitally with 5,000 in person this year.

The vision seemed as a myth initially but with five hundred leaders in the pilot session and within two years of its existence, PE has broken all doubts over the program’s transformational capabilities. We are already at minimum 100% returns bases the hours of productivity achieved by the associates. Tracking business impact made (like deal costs won, client satisfaction index, revenue increased, new offerings sold) and attributed to PE's learnings takes the ROI to 300%.

Our approach of building strong foundations of Personal growth has resulted in spectacular professional growth for all 500 participants. Some of the success stories include participants cracking multimillion dollar deals struck for over a decade, turning around a difficult clients, Increasing the revenue of their accounts by 4 times in just one quarter and achieving historically high customer satisfaction ratings. We are now being approached by even the clients with who our participants work to conduct the program for them.

The uniqueness of the program lies in its format of extensive experiential learning based on a structured approach. The adding different flavors of delivery include mindfulness practices, arts and theatre among many applied principles were sought to deliver key impactful concepts. Multiple channels of delivery were explored including role plays and group discussions amongst the others.

The Academy has also introduced game changing innovations in field of learning within the organization and has achieved a number of Firsts - Notably– The 1st to design collaborative approach as an integral ingredient to learning (50% Peer to Peer Learning), 1st to introduce deep dive on personal constructs, beyond values and beliefs, (including mindfulness, neuroscience, science of emotions, body awareness among others) into a program, 1st to show business impact across multiple points in the cycle – from personal improvements, leadership improvements, business improvements to customer improvements and 1st to show highest engagement levels across all levels ( above 90% ).

Such a massive scale was not without its share of challenges. Notable ones being Conducing immersive leadership program for consecutive four days for 4 levels for a batch of 1,000 plus high performance participants, Maintaining enthusiasm and engagement throughout the program tenure and the massive Change Management for the unique program. Overcoming all the odds, the Academy is becoming a genuine game changer in the field of HR & Leadership Development, revolutionizing the way the organization is now looking at growing their talent.

Nidhi has been recognized across Industries, winning multiple awards, including – ‘30 Women in Conscious Business’ & World Women Forum’s – ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence,2018’, Stevie's Innovator of the year and Stevie's Maverick of the year 2018 awards.

Individual Summary:

-Work Quality of participants improved by over 70% in the calendar year

-Employee synergy in collaborated tasks, new innovations and methods adopted and client satisfaction showed a 50% increase

-Participants shared progress of close to 90% in major personal and leadership values while attributing 75-80% of that to Personal Excellence Academy

-Maintained the productivity of the program even with 1000+ participants for the entire term. Industry calculations for similar results are set for ~50 employees only

-Created a social media blitz within TCS with 2000 new blogs, in just 4 weeks

-Doubled the ROI just by improving employee productivity

-The Personal Excellence Academy investment showed a quadruple growth when deal costs won, client
satisfaction index and new offerings sold were calculated

-Drastic improve in personal parameters as around 70% of leaders rated their happiness and awareness score as ‘Very High’ PE recognized internationally for introducing a paradigm shift in organizations.

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