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Company: Symphony Talent, New York, NY USA
Category: Talent Acquisition & Retention Solution Provider of the Year

Entry Title: Redefining How Brands and Talent Connect

Solution Provider Essay:

2017 was a year of unprecedented product development at Symphony Talent. As these technologies and solutions were actively implemented in the HR tech and Employer Branding space during 2018, clients across all industries saw a positive impact on candidates, recruiters and current employees.

Revolutionizing the candidate experience

By providing tools and technology that allow organizations to leverage proven consumer-centric strategies and principles, Symphony Talent continues to transform the candidate experience from one-sided and transactional to fully immersive, personalized and engaging.

Candidates enjoy the same type of consumer-centric experience they would have with an Amazon or Uber.

Symphony Talent leverages rich media content such as videos and high-resolution graphics, as well as provides recommendations using a proprietary AI tool. This allows candidates to be matched to relevant jobs, as well as increases candidates’ chances to be shortlisted since the same AI shows matched candidates to recruiter.

Symphony Talent continues to shift toward a mobile-first strategy in step with today’s digitally native candidates that expect flexibility to connect with opportunities easily and on their own terms. In addition, leveraging tactics like SMS and checkout style apply (similar to online shopping carts) make the apply process quick and convenient.

Insights gleaned from machine learning and data analytics are also informing creative approaches and solutions across all channels. Hodes, Symphony Talent’s in-house creative team, continues to develop strong, differentiating Employer Value Propositions that help candidates “see” themselves as part of an organization, and create campaigns and tactics that leverage the most effective messaging, keywords, design and functionalities at every candidate touchpoint.

Helping recruiters work smarter

Symphony Talent’s technology offers recruiters a single unified platform that allows them to surface data and insights that have been traditionally siloed between their applicant tracking system, CMS, and other tools. By providing a real-time, big-picture perspective on important elements such as their media expenditures, existing candidate pool, hiring needs and anticipated time-to-fill, recruiters have useful data to drive informed,proactive and strategic decisions.

Symphony Talent’s Media Cloud (M-Cloud), the first vertical technology stack for recruitment media, takes inefficiency and guesswork out of recruitment marketing, allowing talent acquisition leaders to apply programmatic, real-time, results driven, media optimization.

M-Cloud informs smart, efficient recruitment media buying by automatically optimizing media spend to outlets that provide the best fit and highest quality candidates, while continually refocusing efforts on the most important jobs. The M-Cloud platform provides goals-based optimization of media spend across active and passive candidates. In addition, the M-Cloud dashboard allows users to manage and deliver contract and slot buys using programmatic logic to ensure those buys are used effectively.

The M-Cloud platform is powerful and flexible enough to self-optimize separately for various job categories and different regions of the country or world, giving enterprise companies a solution that streamlines and centralizes recruitment media efforts across job functions and regions. When the jobs themselves change, geo-targeting across all ad buys sync and automatically adjust across all media types and job boards, greatly impacting media cost per hire.

Automated templates developed by Symphony Talent allow recruiters to quickly create and deploy personalized microsites and email drip campaigns that can be tied into hiring events and career fairs.

This allows recruiters to develop relationships with candidates over time and build pipelines of qualified and engaged talent immediate and for the future.

Turning employees into advocates

Symphony Talent is working with clients to fully realize the power of social media, providing technology that allows employees to easily become ambassadors of their client’s employer brands and share information about the company on their personal accounts regarding hiring, employer brand, and culture.

Solution Provider Summary

-Entered into a partnership with Google Cloud Talent Solution to provide clients with a significant opportunity to optimize their candidate and recruiter experiences
-Launched ST Health, the industry’s first talent acquisition platform specifically designed for the Healthcare ecosystem. ST Health combines the power of talent acquisition technology, media optimization, and creative and branding to showcase the seamless, personalized experience that candidates crave and healthcare organizations need in order to hire quality talent
-A global technology and services company using M-Cloud experienced:
-63% drop in cost per apply in moving from a manual process to a programmatic approach
-40% drop in CPA after automating that process with M-Cloud
-Created two new creative hub centers in Atlanta and New York and a production hub in Houston to improve the effectiveness of the Hodes creative team and ultimately the creative deliverables

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