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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2018, Click to Enter The 2019 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

Company: SweetRush, San Francisco, CA USA
Category: Leadership or Skills Development Solution Provider of the Year

Entry Title:; SweetRush - Leading the Learning Industry in Creativity and Innovation

Solution Provider Essay

SweetRush’s impact on the industry is dramatic and far-reaching. At the 2017 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, SweetRush won 17 awards including 13 Golds.; In 2018, eLearningIndustry.com chose SweetRush as the #1 content provider in the world!

Why the accolades from industry peers? Uniquely, SweetRush has melded creative arts with instructional arts and technology, delivering solutions that are innovative and remarkably effective for today’s workforce; solutions that work because they speak authentically to learners in engaging ways.; Sounds easy, but it’s taken sixteen years of dedication to craft to perfect this art.

In so many ways, SweetRush is disrupting the industry but our fulfillment comes from knowing we are not just helping bottom lines, but we are directly improving the skills and lives of the people who experience our courses. And, our Good Things service, since 2017, has supported 16 non-profits, applying our craft for the betterment of mankind.

SweetRush is an overtly culture-forward organization with heart, forging a cohesive, caring and supportive team. The results: near-zero turnover of employees, attracting and maturing the best in the industry.

In RFP competitions against top providers, clients view our proposed solutions and prior work (the “what we do”) and feel our culture of caring (the “who we are”), and they choose SweetRush, resulting in a remarkable client list.

SweetRush’s new 2018 web site articulates five services: Custom Learning, Talent Solutions, Culture Transformation, SPARK, and Good Things.

Custom Learning provides bespoke solutions embracing storytelling, design thinking, agile, adaptive learning, microlearning, video, 3D animation and now virtual/augmented reality. From sales training to compliance, leadership to soft skills and technical competencies, SweetRush’s deliverables stand out in the crowd.

SweetRush is renowned for gaming. A client needed to teach sales associates to match customer needs to its tires; choose correctly and associates take those tires for a race in a dynamic, kinesthetic driving game, the perfect training modality for the demographic. This is but one element in a learning ecosystem of SweetRush-created sales and product knowledge training that has driven our client’s learning programs from last to first, as it competes for mindshare in the extended enterprise of independent dealers.

Talent Solutions offers on-demand temporary talent. In today’s gig economy / talent shortage / baby boomer transition, seasoned temporary staff are needed and hard to find. SweetRush stepped in, did it differently, and clients are stepping up. We’re not recruiters, but team builders. We’re not dialing for dollars, but consulting, with deep understanding of the needs of clients and the capabilities of talent. Again, disrupting the industry with innovation.

SPARK’s focus is emerging technologies. A client needed corporate team members to develop empathy for hotel workers; we built a Virtual Reality experience combining 360° video, 3D environments, 3D avatars, and hands-on activities. Our client, thrilled, presented the case study at three industry conferences. In 2018, SweetRush acquired VR provider IDEA Workshop, and built Scene Studio to support development.

Cultural Transformation: Clients experienced our culture and began enlisting our help to transform theirs. In 2017, culture-guru Ashley Munday joined to formally launch our Cultural Transformation service under her leadership.

In so many ways, SweetRush is disrupting and impacting the industry, offering the best, most effective solutions to clients, improving skills and lives, and applying our craft for good.

Solution Provider Summary:

  • Acknowledged by peers as the leader in creativity, innovation and results: 21 Brandon Hall awards (13 Gold), # 1 in world elearningIndustry.com!
  • Applying our craft for the betterment of the world – helping 16 non-profits!
  • Culture-forward (internal): caring and respect, near-zero turnover of clients and teammates!
  • Culture services (external): impacting clients to transform/improve their culture!
  • Dramatic growth of brand & talent . Amazing team: 150 in 12 countries!
  • Designing learner/WIIFM-centric programs; uniquely effective at achieving business objectives!
  • Industry-best visual arts blended with the art and science of adult learning: 3D, video, animation, storytelling, gaming, microlearning, and social learning for leadership and skills development!
  • Pioneering VR/AR for learning: numerous successful projects, workshops, industry conference presentations!;
  • Staffing/team-building services: helping clients with seasoned talent to augment theirs, uniquely backed up the SweetRush way!

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