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Company: Sahibinden.com, Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Achievement in Workplace Design - for More Than 100 Employees - Single Location

Entry Title: sahiplex

Achievement Essay:

sahibinden.com, one of Turkey’s largest e-trade platforms, has grown so fast in recent years that the existing workplace is no longer sufficient. The company has decided to move to a new headquarters building.

The vision of sahibinden.com is to “create happiness by uniting people with their dreams”. Accordingly, the work area was designed with the goal of creating the happy workplace in employee’s dreams. Workplace should be both employee and environmentally friendly.
With this strategy, the new work setting, called sahiplex to represent the living space of sahibinden.com members, was designed with 3 main focuses:

1) Comfort and Ease
2) Health & Wellness
3) Environmental Sensitivity

- Location of the headquarters building was selected according to home addresses of employees.
The addresses of employees were saved on Google maps and the location most convenient to everyone was identified.

- Employees are asked about their opinions about new workplace through individual interviews and surveys.

- The objective was to create an open, fun, interesting and pleasant atmosphere for employees to cooperate, feel comfortable and encourage creativity in.

- The new workspace was established on a total area of 5,650 square meters consisting of 2 floors of open offices and 1 floor for the social area.

- In the office, there is an elliptic tartan track as 250 m in circumference, rarely seen in the world. Anyone who wants to can run or walk on this track.

- Anyone can travel by ginger and bicycle within the building.

- Free snack food and drinks are served at any time.

- In the center point of the office floor, a kitchenette is located in order to supply a space where employees could socialize while eating.

- The social area floor, with the advantage of a 5-meter ceiling height was used to create suspended ceilings and the multipurpose space between these with a height volume of 225 m2 is surrounded with bridge passages between the floors. An employee-focused office was created with a basketball court that opens to this space, a playstation room, fitness area and cafeteria.

- The unusual area called "Brainstorming" where rainforest conditions were recreated, serves to provide the location that the young and dynamic employees need to create new ideas in a setting unlike an office.

- There are 15 conference rooms in a modern arrangement equipped with the latest technology presentation devices in different sizes. By using an ipad everything from reserving the meeting room to using its projector, sound system and writing board can be controlled. There is also 1 multipurpose conference room. This room serves groups of up to 100 people with ergonomic office furniture and a special open layout for internal and external training sessions, cinema presentations, improvisational theatre events and other social activities.

- sahiplex is a World Wild Fund certified green office where paper use, water consumption, waste
management and energy consumption are kept at a minimum through the policies that are applied.

- For example the lighting system of the building is managed with a daylight sensitive system. Depending on the time of sunrise and sunset curtains that automatically open and close provide use of daylight in the most efficient way possible. Thus the lighting inside the office is adjusted to provide savings in electricity.

- The electrical devices in common areas are controlled with outlets that have a time setting to prevent waste of electricity. Similarly the faucets also work with a sensor-equipped system so water flow is automatically cut off if there is nothing setting the sensor off.

- Fan coils have been equipped with covered systems so that a personnel is not exposed to direct air
conditioning. Professional acoustic systems have been installed to minimize the noise pollution in the office.

Achievement Summary:

- sahiplex won the Silver A’ Design Award
- sahiplex earned the WWF green office certificate.
- With the basketball, chess, table tennis and playstation tournaments and other team events, organized every year, using the building capabilities; we increase communication between employees and enable stories created together to accumulate.
- We were chosen as 'A Great Place to Work' 3 times.
- The question: “Our building and offices contributing to a good working environment,” resulted with a 90% satisfaction last year.
- In 2017 the company was chosen as the “Most Popular E-Trade Company” in the Digital Age and Kariyer.net Survey.
- The number of applications made to the employment postings grew by 11 times this year.
- During all of the work the positive impact on employee performance was measured and it was observed that employee performance increased by 37% since the project started.

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