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Company: Rumelisiad, Bursa, Turkey
Category: ;Achievement in Workplace Design - for up to 10 Employees

Entry Title: Rumelisiad Mansion and MiniaRumeli

Achievement Essay:

RUMELISIAD, that was held in Bursa in 2006, today is a representative of more than 300 members from 11 different Balkan countries, more than 30 thousand employees in 43 different sectors, million dollars of investment in 38 different countries and above 1,5 billion dollars of trade volume to 146 different countries.

Each passing day, RUMELISIAD is mentioned in activities that are more successful than one another and endeavouring for the development of international economic relationships with a variety of successful projects.

Rumelisiad, as a pioneering association representing a culture rooted in the very strong Balkan geography and having the need to renew its working office in accordance with the vision of the institution, has started the new association building project in 2016. The Rumelisiad House, which began operating in 2017, was designed as a Balkan mansion with the main characteristic features of Balkan architecture as well as being a modern working office that will facilitate the activities of the association.

No matter how primitive, all cultures create their own traditions. Even if these are influenced by other cultures stylistically, they develop a unique architectural style. This became the starting point of the design of the Rumelian Mansion and it was decided that a glamorous structure worthy of the RUMELISIAD corporate identity and embracing traditional Rumelian architecture be built.

The Rumelisiad house, a true Balkan mansion with features such as design, architectural style and the use of some of the materials brought from the Balkans, is one of the most prouded projects of the association.

The Rumelian Mansion is situated in the Nilufer District of Bursa, within the 7.000 meter-squared
RUMELISIAD Park. The groundbreaking took place in January 2016, on the 10 anniversary of the foundation of RUMELISIAD, and the construction was completed in a mere five months. In early 2017, Rumelisiad accomplished a magnificent opening ceremony of the Mansion with enthusiasm active participation of local and civil administrators and businessman.

The main purpose of the construction and the center of the design is the “Multi-Purpose Training and Seminar Room” Moreover, additional units were designed for specific purposes in this area. The room can host 120 people during a seminar, and 80 people during receptions. The interior design of the room focuses on spaciousness and functionality. In order to use more natural light, large windows in harmony with the façade of the building were used and these add depth to the space.

In this way, the inside and outside have been integrated together and a natural atmosphere has been created with the use of natural light. Moreover, acoustic parameters were taken into consideration for the function of the room and high, suspended ceilings were used with hidden lighting.

Upstairs was designed as the management floor, and there is a large meeting room here that can be used for weekly meetings, as well as training programs, and there is a room for chairman in connection with the meeting room. An open cell ceiling system was preferred here in order to create a modern atmosphere, both visually and acoustically.

As a less prominent example, the miniature of the most characteristic buildings of Rumeli was built in the park where the association’s building is also located. The project was called "Minia Rumeli" and so a great cultural heritage was gained.

In Minia Rumeli project, miniature versions of main Balkan attractions/historical buildings are built in the Rumelisiad Park which Rumelisiad Mansion is located in. That assures Rumelisiad to have a workplace exact example of a Rumelian House; and a garden having miniatures of characteristic Rumelian historical buildings.

Achievement Summary

- The Rumelisiad Mansion has a total construction area of 1100 m2 with a330 m2 ground floor, 310 m2 first floor and 460 m2 attic.
- In the entrance, there is a richly decorated foyer area where the visitors are welcome.
- In order to reflect the identity of the association, different materials such as Taurus black, Car-rera Marble, steel and wood were used in a combination and high quality detailing was obtained.
- In the high-suspended ceilings, there are wheather boarding panels with Rumelian motifs.

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