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Company: Rumelisiad, Bursa, Turkey
Category: Training Programs or Media > Other

Entry Title: Rumelisiad Academy

Products Essay:

RUMELISIAD, that was held in Bursa in 2006, today is a representative of more than 300 members from 11 different Balkan countries, more than 30 thousand employees in 43 different sectors, million dollars of investment in 38 different countries and above 1,5 billion dollars of trade volume to 146 different countries.

Each passing day, RUMELISIAD is mentioned in activities that are more successful than one another and endeavouring for the development of international economic relationships with a variety of successful projects.

Rumelisiad keeps the development of both its employees and its members as the first priority. For this purpose, the project "Rumelisiad Academy" has been established.

Rumelisiad Academy started its development activities aiming for:

- Organizing training programs and seminars on main business issues with professional trainers experienced in business
- Build a bridge among industry professionals, celebrities and subject matter experts with Rumelisiad member companies and employees
- Providing development opportunities for university students on personal and professional development
- Providing an internship opportunity for university students at member companies
- Strenghtening collaboration among Balkan countries and Turkish businessman by bringing them together on Balkan Economic Forum

Main mission of Rumelisiad Academy covering all these targets is stated as: helping spreading the mindset of “life-long development”.

Rumelisiad Academy organizes free trainings each week in many different fields such as economics, psychology, and law, health that may be needed in business world.

- Rumelisiad employees
- Rumelisiad members
- Employees of member companies
- Families of all above and
- University students are invited to these exceptional training sessions free of charge

Rumelisiad Academy training subjects are selected align with public, social, business and economic agenda of the country. It is ensured that expert trainers in that subject provide these trainings. With the vision of community development, Rumelisiad encourages the participation of not only employees and their members but also their families and employees of member companies.

Another exemplary development activity that makes a difference in Rumelisiad's development is the Balkan Economic Summit. RUMELISIAD International Balkan Economic Summit hosts many guests from all Balkan countries in Bursa. The summit, which is held with a strengthening, programme each passing year hosts businessmen and state administrators from Balkan countries.

Balkan Economic Summit is held annually with the participation of close to 1,000 business leaders, industry experts and government representatives from Turkey and from abroad. It is a very large conference organization planned to assess the economic conditions of the Balkans geography and to direct business people. On behalf of a small association like Rumelisiad, signing such a great development activity is obviously considered an extraordinary achievement.

5 Balkan Economic Summit is held early in 2018. Main sectors covered at that point are: Construction, Tourism, Furniture, Automotive, Machinery, Metal and IT.

Participant countries are listed as:

▪ Turkey
▪ Albania
▪ Bosnia Herzegovina
▪ Bulgaria
▪ Croatia
▪ FYR Macedonia
▪ Romania
▪ Slovenia
▪ Serbia

Being a first, with the “Supporting Entrepreneurship against Young Unemployed in Balkan Countries” Project, that is also awarded by EU, young people from Balkan countries joined a programme about entrepreneurship and company management in order to struggle with unemployment. Besides, cooperating with AISEC, about international intern exchange programmes young people from Turkey and Balkan countries do internship mutually.

Products Summary

- Rumelisiad Academy offered 47 different training programs with 42 different expert trainers is in 2017

- Over 600 participants benefited these courses

- 4th Balkan Economic Summit is held on March 2017 and 5th one in April 2018 welcoming over a thousand business people from 12 different countries

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