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Company:; O.C. Tanner, Salt Lake City, UT USA
Category: ;;Employee Relations Solution Provider of the Year

Entry Title: Employee Relations Solutions Provider of the Year - O.C. Tanner

Solution Provider Essay

O.C. Tanner, the global leader in employee recognition and workplace culture, is changing the way enterprises approach employee relations by educating them on how to build a better office culture. Its emphasis on employee recognition has earned the company a litany of accolades, and their research on employee well-being has been instrumental in allowing leaders to see the impact they have on their workforce.

In 2017, O.C. Tanner completed a 10,000-participant survey that detailed six key aspects of workplace culture that attract, engage and retain employees. Through the study, O.C. Tanner was able to identify purpose, opportunity, success, appreciation, well-being and leadership as the six factors that are most meaningful to employees. The study even attributed increases in engagement, revenue and promoters on the standard NPS scale to organizations that successfully implemented each of these aspects into their workplace culture. This illustrated the importance of these areas as they relate to work and has given the company a heightened level of authority on the matter, helping corporations worldwide improve their culture and integrate stronger recognition initiatives.

The company developed the O.C. Tanner Culture Assessment based on the six talent magnets discovered through the aforementioned survey to help businesses asses their company’s culture.

The assessment measures engagement, satisfaction, intent to stay and employee net promoter score. By choosing to participate in the assessment annually, leaders can track the company’s progress toward building a better workplace culture.

O.C. Tanner works with many Fortune 100 companies, including Dow Chemical, Virgin Trains and Bayer.

Committed to enhancing the employee experience, O.C. Tanner teaches other companies how to implement employee recognition to improve workplace culture. They provide consulting services to discuss the benefits of having acknowledgement initiatives in a company’s culture, and they also give training to leaders who have yet to adopt recognition strategies into their workplaces. More than just awards, O.C. Tanner creates a number of personalized tokens of appreciation, including yearbooks, jewelry, keepsakes and more.

Each is an expression of how O.C. Tanner’s message about the importance of employee appreciation is impacting companies worldwide.

Expanding its commitment to be an expert voice to clients and partners and to offer the very best solutions that influence great culture, O.C. Tanner partnered with the global leader in employee well-being technology, Virgin Pulse, in October 2017. O.C. Tanner provides clients the ability to deliver a best-in-class well-being program, including personalized educational content, healthy habit-building technology, engaging health challenges and much more. Specific features of the partnership include integrating both technologies to create a seamless experience between platforms. Companies can now easily deliver both recognition and well-being initiatives as cultural initiatives with a unified message. Additionally, clients can effectively combine rewards strategies for both well-being and recognition programs. Together, O.C. Tanner and Virgin Pulse empower employees to achieve success by building healthy habits.

In September 2017, O.C. Tanner acquired Accumulate Loyalty Services Limited, a leading Australian provider of employee recognition and incentive solutions. The acquisition helped support O.C. Tanner’s multinational clientele and expanded its global presence to now include the U.S., Canada, Europe, Singapore, Australia and India. The acquisition came shortly after O.C. Tanner’s inaugural annual conference, “Influence Greatness,” which offered valuable tools and insights to help organizational leaders positively transform the way employees participate in their workplace culture.

O.C. Tanner has significant developments in the pipeline that will help define their mission to improve workplace culture. Their latest product to be announced at the 2018 Influence Greatness conference will revolutionize employee performance reviews and the way managers are trained to interact with teams and track improvement.

Solution Provider Summary

-Held first-annual Influence Greatness conference to provide business leaders and HR personnel with key insights to improve the way employees engage in the workplace.

-Dave Petersen, CEO, named Utah Business CEO of the Year

-Ranked number 17 in People and Great Place to Work’s “50 Companies That Care” list

-Conducted a study, which surveyed 10,000 employees in 12 countries, to reveal the most important factors to employees in terms of workplace culture

-Acquired Australian employee engagement company, Accumulate

-Announced partnership with Virgin Pulse to inspire greater employee well-being in organizations.

-Developed Culture Assessment for client trainings and improving workplace culture across organizations worldwide.

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