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Company: Arkas Holding, Istanbul, Turkey
Category: ;Achievement in New Employee Onboarding

Entry Title: My Future Arkas Trainee Development Programme

Achievement Essay:

For any company to be successful today and in the future, it is crucial to invest in youth. Contributing to youth development and raising the successful future generation is among our most important duties.

In order to improve life quality of our society, Arkas has realized projects in the fields of education, culture and social development. Arkas has joined forces with the Ministry of Education and opened Arkas Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in ─░zmir in 2015. The purpose of this school is to train qualified personnel for the sector.

Generally, the families of students attending this type of high school have a low socio-economic level.

Most of the students are forced to start working at an early age in order to be able to contribute to their family’s budget. Our internship program was prepared to support students during their journey.

A project team was put together for this program. Following determination of the project team and the meetings, the work plan was prepared.

The target of the program: To develop the students in vocational topics, to increase their competence in personal development, to improve their foreign language skills, to support their career development, create a potential candidate pool in our company, to contribute to our country’s and sector’s qualified workforce.

120 senior high school students were evaluated and 36 students were chosen to participate in the program.

The development program includes Orientation, Vocational and Personal Development Trainings, Internship Phase, English Lessons, Leadership Talks and a Mentorship Process. Gamification dynamics were used in order to encourage the learning process. Students were given grades during the year according to their performance.

A special name (My Future, Arkas) and the logo was designed for the program. In addition, the
communication plan of the program was prepared, the social media announcements were made
and the website was designed. (www.gelecegimarkas.com). The students that attended Arkas’ orientation program were given a Welcome letter and Arkas Manual.

Program Goals and Actual Results
We asked students to evaluate the “My Future, Arkas” program at the end of the training. The success average turned out to be 96.06% as a result of the survey carried out. Detailed report on the program can be found in the Final Report

Developing students in Vocational topics and increasing their competence in personal development topics : 11 Vocational Trainings have been completed. Personal development trainings were given to students

Developing their foreign language skills with English lessons: The students had a total of 150 hours of lessons by foreign and Turkish teachers

Supporting their career development: The students were given the Via Character Survey. 11 competencies that are important in the business life have been determined and were focused on throughout the Mentorship process.

Enabling them to invest in their future through the experiences they had in our company: the students’ interests were determined through training in various departments,

Creating a potential candidate pool in our company: At the end of the program, interviews were held for students to be evaluated for open positions. The results of the intern development program influenced these interviews. Thus, we believe that contributing to the qualified workforce of our country and sector.

A closing ceremony was organized at the end of the training period. The mentors received thank you plaques and the students received certificate, the senior management also participated. In accordance with the gamification dynamics fictionalized at the beginning of the program, the students that made the top 3 were given their presents. (See Link-1/Program’s Video)

Achievement Summary:

1- The students were able to experience professional business life.
2- Students’ professional skills were developed and it became clear which business area they are interested in.
3- The competences of students that were open to development have been determined, and they were able to improve.
4- The English lessons supported them and helped to improve their language skills.
5- During the mentorship process, work has been carried out towards the students’ career development.
6- Our employees who were involved in the mentorship process have gained a new experience.
7- The project turned out to be a program that contributed positively to students, their parents, school, Arkas senior management and to all stakeholders.
8- Arkas took on another social responsibility project in order to improve life quality of society.
9- This project has created a potential candidate pool in our company.

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