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Company: Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited (LTI), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Category: ;Achievement in Internal Communications

Entry Title: Changing the conversation at LTI

Achievement Essay:

Our IC journey at LTI was chalked with clear roadmap and strategy. These are:

1) Improving quantity and quality of communication:

We wanted to cut into the email clutter and still communicate effectively. We could successfully break-free from old-school emails for internal communications and have designed it around our employees. Its no more a one-sided broadcast or bombardment into one’s inbox but a pull-driven charter that invites collaboration and transparency. Around 80% of our communication to employees is email-free.

2) Increase Employee Engagement:

a) Mosaic Painting competition: To familiarise employees with our new brand and its element – Mosaic

b) Children’s day campaign (Guess the leader campaign) – Here we wanted to connect our leaders with the employees in an informal manner. We shared childhood stories of our leaders with their yesteryear picture and asked the employees to guess their leaders.

c) Dress code campaign: As a company we have an active ear to what our employees want. With the cool culture that we were trying to build, employees demanded a move from formal attire in office. We moved to ‘smart casuals’ as our dress code and held a campaign informing employees about dressing etiquettes. This was well received by them.

d) Information security campaign: As an IT company, one has to ensure information security at every level. We illustrated this serious issue via comic strips. These comic strips were used as desktop screensavers and were a big hit amongst the employees. To break the monotony, a new comic strip was published that had a good story and the basic message to avoid security mishaps

e) Wall of fame: As a step to improve employee recognition on a global level, we initiated the Wall of Fame. This was designed and physically placed at the reception area of our global headquarter. Picture of employees going beyond their call of duty, bringing forth innovative ideas, completing long-service at LTI, winners of internal competitions, among others were displayed on the wall.

f) Big Wins: Employees are stakeholders in our growth journey. Every deal-win at LTI is communicated to them in the form of an interesting story. Publishing it as “Big wins” we present to our employees the deal-wins and what goes behind winning these deals for them to also learn the best practices.

3) Leadership Communication:

a) Townhalls: In order to connect employees face-to-face with the leaders.

b) Coffee-n-connect sessions: To connect CEO with the star-performers, top managers, winners of the innovation contests and the new joiners, the IC team initiated these sessions.

c) AMA: To ensure this, we initiated ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) sessions, digitally. These sessions invited employees across our office location to hear directly from our leaders and direct their questions at them.

d) Leadership posts: Leaders also communicate directly with employees. They post their opinion, movie reviews, ideas and vision on our digital platform and employees get to respond to it

e) Organizational changes: Organizational changes are communicated by leaders as posts on our internal social channel.

f) Quarterly results announcement: During the quarterly results, our CEO goes live on our internal social platform to announce results to the employees, share the company’s vision and growth target for the next quarter.

4) Reinforce brand identity through standardization:

At LTI, employees are consulted and are a partner to us in any big change. LTI recently adopted a new brand identity and positioning. Changing the 20-year-old brand to the new one was a herculean task and employees pointed out by posting images of places that needed re-branding eg. Cafeterias, reception area, direction boards, giveaway goodies, documents etc. To ensure maximum adoption of the new brand, MS suite templates, email signatures and brand guidelines were shared from time-to-time.

Achievement Summary

1) Create belongingness:

a) Special Groups - Where employees share light-hearted posts.

b) Beyond & Catalyst - LTI as a company believes in the concept of Shoshin – the beginners mind. To foster the Shoshin concept and promote more and more employees to think as a beginner, innovate and bring out novel ideas, we have several initiatives where employees are rewarded for going beyond their call of duty to awe clients by making their processes inexpensive, faster and better.

2) Simplifying LTI 2.0:

With new brand came new organizational changes and responsibilities. Employees raised a concern that the LTI 2.0 strategy was unclear to them. To address this, we at IC took the initiative to simplify LTI 2.0 and released a series of videos that explained our new business focus and where employees fit into their business vertical

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