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Company: Kronos Incorporated, Lowell, MA USA
Category: Talent Management Solution – New

Entry Title: Workforce Ready Employee Perspectives

Products Essay:

Today, organizations are collecting more and more data about their workforce, but they often face challenges when it comes to presenting actionable employee information to executives, HR leaders, and frontline managers so that they can make effective, data-driven decisions.

Categories of employee information, such as data about employee reliability, performance and productivity, risk, and engagement, are often buried in silos located across an organization, making it difficult or impossible to consult before decisions are made.

Kronos Workforce Ready® Employee Perspectives enables organizations to visualize key workforce insights within configurable at-a-glance views, or scorecards, of employee performance, productivity, engagement, and other key metrics to more easily make high impact decisions about their talent management strategies.

With a single view of employee information across the entire employee lifecycle — from recruiting, onboarding, and performance management to time and attendance, scheduling, and absence management — you can filter people data, predict workforce trends, and focus on the facts that matter to make quick and effective business decisions. And turn employee insights into action for fast, proactive results that impact your workforce and your business.

Employee Perspectives helps drive business innovation by using workforce data from across your organization to make more informed business decisions, based on metrics you define.

Workforce Ready tracks employee data and metrics across a wide range of categories, allowing you to calculate and share the resulting scores with executives, frontline managers, and employees at the moment they need to make decisions. Accessibility to workforce information in the moment — in the format needed —can help you make the best decisions for your organization.

There is no need to conduct a separate employee survey or run individual reports since the data is automatically calculated, in real time, within Workforce Ready. With visibility into areas such as employee stress, attendance data, and performance, managers will be able to more quickly identify and respond to trends.

Employee Perspectives delivers an at-a-glance view of employee data that can serve as a scorecard of key employee metrics. At the company level, organizations can create categories for their key employee metrics (e.g., risk, reliability, performance, happiness, etc.), which can be calculated by pulling existing information from Workforce Ready.

For example, a reliability score might be calculated based on how many times an employee clocked in late or early and how many absences the employee has. You can also calculate and weigh the scores for each employee, based on how important the different metrics are to their individual roles.

Employee Perspectives scores can be tied to the succession planning tools available within Workforce Ready Performance Management. Organizations then have the unique opportunity to manage the performance and development of salaried workers and hourly workers within a single tool.

According to a 2016 Gallup report, only 6 out of 10 employees know what is expected of them at work.

By sharing employee scores, employees and managers can see what factors and metrics equate to a positive or negative employee score and use this measurement to make better business decisions.

For example, when you need to schedule a shift quickly to ensure you’re fully staffed to meet demand, you can sort the available list by the reliability score and select the most reliable employee.

When determining who to give time off to when there is only one slot left, managers can look for the employee who has the lowest engagement score, and give them the day off, which could help boost job satisfaction.

Products Summary

1. Drive HR and business innovation by using workforce data to make more informed employee decisions

2. Easily visualize configurable workforce metrics and insights, such as performance, productivity, and engagement

3. All HR, leadership, and management to quickly identify and respond to trends

4. With real-time access to their own scores, employees can identify behaviors impacting their own

5. When an employee’s score goes up or down, he or she can identify what caused the change and make any appropriate adjustments.

6. Employees are no longer surprised at performance reviews and always understand whether they are meeting transparent benchmarks

7. The employee scorecards can also be used to reward top performers, for example, by awarding bonuses or premium pay when an employee’s score exceeds a certain threshold.

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