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Company: KoçSistem Bilgi ve İletişim Hizm. A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Learning Management Solution – New

Entry Title: KocSistem Academy

Products Essay:

As a leading technology service provider in Turkey, KocSistem underwent a significant strategic change at the beginning of 2017. KocSistem positioned itself as a service provider selling technology services up to that point, adopted a vision of being an innovative technology producer.

It was evident that in order to provide this serious change of the company's strategy, the viewpoint and capabilities of the existing human resources needed to be revised as well. In order to support the existing human resources on the way of the new strategy, KocSistem started to design a corporate university in 2017, KocSistem Academy launched in in March 2018.

KocSistem Academy offers a learning management system/ online development portal as well as being a corporate university.

When an employee logs in the KocSistem Academy platform, she can access the curriculum programmed for them, follow the dates of their planned trainings, choose from elective courses personalized for them and benefit from online development resources.

KocSistem Academy has programs under three main categories:

1. Developing My Leadership
2. Developing My Expertise
3. Developing Myself

Under these three categories, programs are levelled as Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced.

Developing My Leadership:

These are the development programs planned for employees working in management positions and their successors. It is composed of 5 different levels according to the level of managers, including team management and leadership skills as well as business management and macro strategic management subjects.

What distinguishes this program from its counterparts is that it is certified with an internationally valid university certificate. This program is designed with one of the best universities in the country, thus allowing participants to receive an internationally valid graduate certificate degree.

The Leadership Development Program is being carried out with 10 different learning providers and 26 different instructors; it includes 50 in-class training and 250 online development solutions. This program, which is designed to take 2 years, has 86 hours of development investment per person.

Developing My Expertise:

These are programs composed of development curriculums designed to improve business knowledge for all employees and to increase their performance in their current position.

Expertise training is designed to be 6 subcategories of different levels:

Human Resources
Defence Technologies

Under these main diffractions, there are 24 different expertise programs.

Employees automatically register to the expertise program matching their position and department at the appropriate level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Completing the expertise trainings in this program is a crucial success criterion before targeting the next position.

More than 300 different courses are organized with 243 different instructors in the program, which is structured as a real corporate university. Different developmental methods such as classroom training, online tutorials, and visionary chats are used blended.

These expertise programs, which are designed to be directly linked to the employee's career path, utilize SMEs in the company as internal trainers. Thus, creating corporate memory is supported while the spread of applications within the company as well as the theoretical information is provided. Although the KoçSistem Academy has just completed its fifth month, the number of internal trainers reaching 40 in such a short time is a remarkable feature of the program.

Developing Myself:

This program offers Personal/Professional development solutions regardless of positions and titles. In these programs called "Programs Concerning Life", people have access to development solutions in a variety of diverse expertise.

What differentiates this program is that there is no restriction on the selection of developmental solutions and it can be registered completely by the individual without the need for approval of managers.

Unlike other development programs, this program is offered twice a year as a catalog. Each semester, personal development training in more than 20 different topics is offered for selection.

Products Summary:

KocSistem Academy portal offers more than 500 development activities with more than 300 instructors.

Platform contains different development methods (classroom, video, online training, seminar, virtual class etc.) that employees can access from anywhere

In KocSistem Academy’s design, Learner-Centric Development is used as a base.

In the 5 months the Academy was established, 3061 people have been trained for 23.745 hours.

In the five months since the Academy was established, 90% of its employees have been involved in
development activities. (This ratio is a serious success indicator concerning the staff working in diffused locations and customer locations.)

The efficacy and satisfaction of Academy activities was measured by an interim evaluation
questionnaire Compared with last year, the following shows changes in:

-Academy’s recognition level, 100%,
-Satisfaction towards the Academy, 70%
-Contribution to development ratio, 75%.

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