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Company: Interactive Services, Mulhuddart, Dublin, Ireland
Category: Training Programs or Media > Diversity or Sensitivity Training

Entry Title: Sexual Harassment Course Redesign from the Interactive Compliance Training (ICT) Suite

Products Essay:

In October 2017, the New York Times broke the Weinstein scandal. In the aftermath, corporate leadership sought to train their workforces on ending workplace sexual harassment with sensitivity, compassion and impact.

The team at Interactive Services looked critically at their own sexual harassment eLearning product in the weeks following the scandal and decided they could do better.

Assembling an agile design team, the group worked to launch a new sexual harassment eLearning program in 20 days that would set the standard for teaching this critical subject.

Orla Heavey, Director of Production explains “we knew our own training needed more emotional impact but when we looked in the marketplace for inspiration, all we saw was canned products that were either dull or relied on crass humor to get learner’s attention. We knew could do better.”

The heart of training redesign was a series of cinematic shorts: videos that told emotive stories that learners could relate to building empathy and raising awareness. Paddy McGovern, Head of Content explains “we had a week to script, cast and produce 24 video stories. With hind sight that pressure led us to do something really special.”

Beyond getting the storytelling right, Ed Hickey, CTO stepped up and helped configure a new role profiler that would allow learning to be tailored to an individual’s role (associate vs employee) while aligning content to the legal jurisdiction (Global, US, EU, Canada, India and state specific).

Employers also have the ability to edit 100% of the content to set the training within their industry and reflect their corporate culture, using the product’s text editor tool.

“We knew we’d got this right when we showed the refreshed eLearning product to test clients” explain Jim Brecht who works in California’s heavily regulated market “People were saying – I get this, this is something we can all relate to.”

The new sexual harassment eLearning program is part of a broader suite of 100 eLearning topics that covers areas such as Diversity, Inclusion that are rolled out to over 3,000,000 learners in 18 languages each year.

Products Summary

I. Compassionate and responsible training response to issues raised by the #metoo movement and broader appetite to end sexual harassment in the corporate workplace
II. Cinematic short video teach through compelling stories
III. Learners can study in meaningful 5-minute lessons
IV. Role profiler maps training to learners’ management responsibilities and legal jurisdiction
V. Cast of 18 video actors reflects diversity of today’s workforce
VI. 100% of all content is fully editable by client’s training team
VII. Addresses emerging sensitivity themes in the corporate workplace such as gender identity and sexual orientation
VIII. Meets local requirement for EU, Canada, India, Connecticut, Maine and California
IX. Training can be take on mobile phones, tablet and desktop
X. Part of an ongoing program to train 3 million corporate workers at firms from BNP Paribas and Johnson and Johnson to McDonalds and Facebook

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