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Company: Glotel, Chicago, IL USA
Category: Achievement in Employee Relations

Entry Title: Glotel - Achievement in Employee Relations

Achievement Essay:

What differentiates Glotel’s employee relations program with other companies is that we rely on employees to help drive our programs. We give them space and support to create their own employee experience. For employees by employees truly captures the spirit of our company. Glotel works very hard to keep employees engaged and constantly having FUN on the job. Working in a positive environment is important to our management team as it creates a better work outcome. Employees strive to be successful and contribute towards making Glotel the greatest place to work.

We go above and beyond to make sure employees stay happy and taken care of. Glotel works hard to keep employees engaged and having FUN on the job. Monthly/weekly activities give employees time to work hard while playing hard too. Whether you have been with the company for 10+ years or if it’s you’re first day, friendships are built at our events. We build a culture where people value getting to know the people that they work with. Glotel has a family feel, that is how we run our business.

Another great aspect to our culture our work ethic. Employees are given opportunities to develop skills and grow in their career by giving them freedom to have their own style to find their own success formula. Our management team strives to help each individual at Glotel grow. The work/life balance at Glotel is the best around as it is an important lifestyle choice for Glotel. Glotel recognizes the value of time away from work for rest and relaxation, this is why an extensive
vacation and holiday package is offered as well as summer hours.

As Glotel is a small company, we are national with multiple offices and remote employees around the U.S. so our communications program is vital to keep everything personal. We have seen the benefits in making fun, daily communications such as Monday motivations, throwback Thursdays, new employee announcements, work anniversary announcements, employee profiles, kudos korners, etc. It helps bring our employees together and contribute to these announcements with suggestions. When coming across one of our sites, you will immediately grasp our fun and dynamic culture.

One-on-one relationships:
In this day of age, it is all about automation, software, predictions, etc. We are small and we still seize the opportunity to talk to our associates vs. corralling impersonal feedback. We work closely with our team, clients and our associates. If we need feedback on an event or training, we would much rather walk around and solicit feedback or giving someone a call.

Employee Wellness :
We focus on the wellbeing of our employees. We were able to add a Blue Cross Blue Shield HAS option for our associates this year. We also participate it quarterly wellness initiatives and an annual fitness challenge.

Rewards & Recognition:
Glotel loves to reward and honor hard work where it's due. We do this in countless ways with our 5, 10, 15 and 20 year tenure gifts, wellness profiles, kudos korner announcements, presidents club program, employee profile videos Glotel gives back program and so many more. We have seen that by giving recognition it not only motivates the individual to keep up the hard work but it truly motivates the whole team.

Promote from within:
Glotel offers career paths. Our management team is always on board to help teach their employees and keep them challenged and succeed in every area they work in. Many of our employees have gone on to become in management and senior level roles. Our proof is in our employees, as most of them have been a part of the team for 10+ years. 100% of our management and leadership roles have been promoted from within the company, including Glotel’s CEO.

Achievement Summary

Chief Achievements:


-Take Your Kid to Work Day Video
-Anniversary Recognition Photos
-Whiteboard writing prompts
-Glotel Gives Back
-Photo of the Week
-Office activities – Glotel Oscars, Movies in the Boardroom, potlucks/picnics, wine Wednesday, etc
-Fitness Challenge
-Videos – Bloopers & HQ Contact List

Meaningful Work Experiences

-Recognition – promotion announcements, Kudos Korner & STARs
-Employee-developed training
-Development Plans


-GlotelNation community – glotel.com, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Twitter
-Employee Videos – YouTube channel (Come Partner With Us, Recruiter Spotlight, Bloopers), Employee
-Hot Jobs, New Hire Video

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