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Company: Gamelearn, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Category: Training Programs or Media > Sales Training

Entry Title: Merchants: the serious game for sales training

Products Essay:

Merchants is a serious game conceived to help all worldwide commercial and sales teams hone their negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

After coming into existence in 2008, the most recent improved and updated version of this training product has trained over 11,000 employees in nearly 100 companies in 2017.

Merchants uses the game-based learning methodology. In this serious game, employees are transported back to Renaissance Venice, where they are challenged to become the best merchant of their era through 6 complex negotiations.

The success and benefits of Merchants could be summarized as a combination of the following six elements:

Maximum quality contents. The Harvard Negotiation Method was the foundation on which the contents of Merchants were crafted and embellished over the years. Employees harnessed these contents to learn the techniques, tips and tricks useful for identifying what really interests customers, setting the stage for negotiations and closing successful deals.

Learning by doing. With its sophisticated simulator, Merchants ensures that employees get direct practice and personalized feedback. The methodology thus targets learning by doing or experiential learning.

Elevated engagement thanks to gamification. Merchants uses many game dynamics (rankings, storytelling, badges, points, etc.) to engage and motivate employees, resulting in a more deeply rooted and longer-lasting learning process.

Very attractive visual content. Through 17 scenarios and 25 characters, this serious game replicates the look and feel of Renaissance Venice to give employees an attractive and fully immersive training experience.

Anywhere, anytime. Thanks to its e-learning nature, you only need an internet connection and email address to play Merchants. This lets companies conduct training in different countries at the same time (and in 7 languages).

Technical excellence. Originally based on flash technology, this latest version of Merchants was updated with cutting edge IT. The new version uses HTML5 and can be played from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

All these benefits have made the new version of Merchants one of the sales training programs with the highest real impact on overall company performance. Some examples include:

CaixaBank, one of Europe's biggest banks, increased its income by 15% after securing 20 of the company's largest contracts.

Vestas, the world's largest wind power company, after using Merchants with its commercial teams in 10 countries, maintained its market leadership in 2017.

Created to manage toxic assets in the wake of the Spanish crisis of 2008, the bank Sareb managed a debt cancellation of 110% (€4,137 million) in 2017.

Moreover, Gamelearn's new version of Merchants had an enormous impact on its sales figures and helped the company achieve its strategic objectives. In 2017 alone, this serious game contributed to several milestones:

€2.2 million investment by the venture capital fund Kibo Ventures.

Listed among CB Insights' “15 early-stage ed tech companies to watch”.

Included among Report Buyer's top 10 worldwide game-based learning providers.

In 2017, the new version of Merchants contributed to Gamelearn's continuously expanding breadth of success for its serious games while cementing the company's position as sector bellwether. The company results include:

94% of the employees who began the course also finished it.
93% would recommend Gamelearn games.
97% say they use what they learned in their daily activities.

Products Summary

The new version of Merchants has trained over 11,000 employees in nearly 100 companies in 2017.

Based on the renowned Harvard Negotiation Method, the blue-ribbon quality contents in Merchants get sales teams ready for any sort of negotiation.

The video game includes a sophisticated simulator to ensures that employees get direct practice and learn by doing.

The video game format and use of gamification elements enhance employee engagement and motivation.

Technological advances have made it possible to play Merchants anytime and anywhere with only an internet connection.

The video game has had a significant impact on many large companies, including CaixaBank, Vestas and Sareb.

Thanks to the new version of Merchants, Gamelearn has buttressed its position as one of the top corporate training video game suppliers.

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