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Company: The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Category: Engagement/Happiness Team of the Year

Entry Title: GDRFA - Happiness Team of the Year Submission Document

Team Essay:

Issuing Administrative Decree no.(179) for 2017, regarding the formation of the HR Happiness team, to implement happiness initiatives at The General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs-Dubai (GDRFA), where the decree included (25) members across all units, the duties are clearly defined.

Developing the GDRFA Happiness and Quality of Life Strategy 2017–2021 in line with Dubai 2021 plan and the National Program for Happiness and Positivity.

Launching (15) continuous initiatives for motivation and positive energy.

Developing a detailed operational plan to implement each initiative of the (50) defined HR Happiness initiatives, where all initiatives have successfully implemented.

Implementing HR Valuing Management System as per BS76000 standard as one of the first globaly entity
applying this standard as per the British Standards Intitute (BSI).

Developing more than (10) operational procedures and policies related to HR happiness.

Developing employees’ skills and capabilities in the field of happiness (training programs, awareness workshops, and awareness messages)

Launching (You Can initiative) to employ people with disabilities.
Implementing several initiatives to enhance people with disabilities’ happiness, where (93%) is the people with disabilities satisfaction in 2017.

Organizing the people with disabilities happiness forum for 2017,2018, to present all GDRFA happiness initiatives and services provided to people with disabilities.

Implementing Business disability standard issued by Business Disability Forum(London).

Implementing more than (20) Employees’ Happiness initiatives, such ad “4X4” initiative and “Your office is much beautiful” initiative to redesign the offices. Satisfaction level increased by (20%) in comparing to 2016. The positivity levels among employees increased by an average of (45%) in 2017.

Launching group wedding initiatives for 2018 where (75) employees benefited from. (94%) is the satisfaction for the initiative.

Launching the Happiness Carnival initiative, with a (98%) satisfaction level for this initiative.

Launching several employees’ appreciation awards; Organizational Leadership Award, Outstanding Service Award, Most Productive Employee Award, where more than (300) employees awarded in 2017.

More than (150) rewarded employee as part of GDRFA Internal Excellence Awards System.
(29%) of employees rewarded in 2017, with an increase of (4%) compared to 2016.

More than (7000) different rewards for employees in 2017. they included Certificates of Appreciation, financial incentives, gifts, etc.

Launching the Happiness Cheque initiative, to be granted to employees by the departments’ heads in form of leaves.

Developing flexible work system and the remote work system, which increased productivity by (22%) and
achieving (93%) satisfaction in 2017.

Changing work-shift systems in Airports which increased productivity and happiness, decreased sickness, and increased efficiency of employees.
Participating in developing career path, authorities matrices and empowering system, (91%) is the satisfaction on this system in 2017.

Organizing competitions to improve employees’ health, through nutrition, sports, etc, where (17%) of employees benefited from these activities.

Working with the interested parties in providing work safety and health care programs (free checkups for
employees, medical emergency unit, health awareness sessions and others).

Managing the Health Insurance system and establishing Takaful Happiness fund.

Launching (Dubai Plus) discount cards, where over (4605) cards distributed to employees to benefit from.
Launching initiatives to promote gender equality and women empowerment, such as the Women Council of Happiness to provide child care and other services.

Implementing more than (8) happiness innovation labs to attract employees’ ideas, where (85%) of useful ideas have been implemented, (86%) of attending employees supported this type of labs.

Promoting communication with employees by launching the HR Call Center in 2017.

Leading GDRFA participation document to be selected as one of the best (300) documents to be presented in UAE Happiness Forum 2018.

Implementing several happiness initiatives for the community such as: International Children’s Day, and the International Volunteer Day, where society satisfaction on those community initiatives reached (96%) in 2017, an increase of (3%) compared to 2016.

Team Summary:

-Formation of the HR Happiness team to managing all HR happiness initiatives at GDRFA.

-Developing the GDRFA Happiness and Quality of Life Strategy 2017–2021

-Launching (15) continuous initiatives for motivation and positive energy initiatives: such as rewarding the most productive employee, Happiness Card, Happiness Cheque, Happiness Hour, Positive Employee, Positive Leader Diploma, Our Happiness in Our Culture.

-Developing flexible work system and the remote work system, which contributed in increasing productivity by (45%) and achieving (93%) satisfaction, reducing job turnover by (3%), and sick leaves by (15%), and enabling GDRFA to win the 2017 Sustainable Transportation Award at Dubai Government.

-Implementing more than (50) different HR happiness initiatives 2017-2018.
Implementing HR Valuing Management System as per BS76000 standard as first entity in GCC & MENA region.

-Rewarding (7000) different rewards in 2017. they included Certificates of Appreciation, financial incentives, gifts, etc.

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