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Company: Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products, Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Team of the Year

Entry Title: “Attracting Youth for a Win-Win Relationship”

Team Essay:

Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products (ECP) is one of 44 companies comprising the Eczacıbaşı Group, a prominent Turkish industrial group with operations in Turkey and abroad.

ECP has leader brands in Turkey such as its tissue paper brand- Selpak, baby care brand-Uni Baby, sexual well-being brand- O.K. and 40 more brands in B2B and B2C markets, exporting to more than 80 countries on 6 continents. (Document pg.2-8)

As the Human Resources of ECP, our strategy is built upon “Attract, Retain and Develop Talents”. We are working to create an organization that;

-talents would love to come,
-has continuous communication with potential candidates,
-creates career and development opportunities for its employees and
-has engaged employees who work hard, play hard and learn continuously from each other.


In 2017, we wanted to re-designed our “Attract” strategy focusing on university students to:

Increase awareness: ECP had an organizational restructure in 2017. 4 different organizations merged and ECP has emerged as an established but new company to be re-introduced to potential candidates.

Give career guidance to university students: Giving back to society is inherited from our company roots. ECP wants to guide students in selecting their career path by sharing know-how.

Expand our candidate pool: ECP needs to expand its candidate pool to better serve the business with right candidates timely.

Create awareness inside the organization: Usually a vacant position is filled with experienced candidates. We wanted to create awareness in our company culture that there are many high potential talents with limited experience to expand our candidate pool.

Create stage for our employees: As our employee value proposition represents, we would like to create opportunities for our employees to develop themselves. By being on campus stage, they both develop themselves and the youth in campuses.;; To focus on these goals, we formed a “Talent Attraction Campus Team” of 3 from different functions of HR. (Document pg.9)


We had single shot, separate campus activities in previous years as well. There was no specific strategic alignment to business needs, content was situational and there was no data analysis.
The team implemented the following steps:

1. Defined our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to be communicated to our candidates. (Document, pg. 10-14)
2. Defined our campus strategy based on our EVP and the expectations of students. (Document, pg. 15-27)
3. Increased the number of activities in our target universities. (prominent universities in Turkey)
4. Increased the number of our communication channels by partnering with different youth marketing
agencies and by opening our own career oriented social media accounts in February 2018 (Document pg-27-30)
5. Included our leaders to our campus activities as speakers, mentors and coaches.
6. Conducted surveys among our leaders in the organization and the students in every possible event to gather insight and to measure ourselves.

(Document, pg. 15-27)

The team brought together all of our campus relations activities as a combined strategy. A student can be in interaction with ECP through different programmes explained below:

Find out Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products: Students find us out in the classes we attend as guest speaker and in the career activities on campus.

Meet Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products: Students visit us in our offices for the networking events held quarterly.

Compete in Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products: We have two project based competition programmes; Markatlon and Engenius after which students may be offered internships and employment opportunities.

Join Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products: Students can join us as interns, campus ambassadors or they become our employees.

Connect with Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products: Students and all potential candidates can connect us via our social media accounts.

In April 2018, Markatlon &Engenius are awarded in “Youth and Campus Relations” category of Istanbul University Best Practice Awards (the oldest and one of the most reputable universities in Turkey). (Document pg.31)

Team Summary

· Awareness:
- Students we met on campus activities/year increased (60%)
- 79% of students recognized Markatlon&Engenius and 21% learned our new company name
Career guidance:
- 81% of students think the events supported their career decisions
;Candidate pool:
- Students offered internship and employment opportunities increased (2016&2017:4, 2018:9)
- Engenius and Markatlon’s applications increased (Total: %159, Target Universities %127)
- Jr.Specialist applications increased (Total: 40%, Target universities 30%). Internship applications from target universities increased (27%)
- After our events, the students who list ECP in their top 5 employers increased (9%)
- Students who want to apply for a position in ECP increased after our events (%5)
;Awareness in organization:
- 89% of our management think that we should gain these talented students to our organization
Stage for our employees:
- 97% of our management think that sharing experience with students contribute to their self-development

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