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Company: Dell EMC Education Services, Round Rock, TX USA
Category: Onboarding Team of the Year

Entry Title: GSAP (Global Services Associate Program)

Team Essay:

GSAP is an efficient, scalable approach to recruiting, onboarding, training, and mentoring associate-level talent globally, across multiple business units in Dell Technologies. The program’s comprehensive approach and emphasis on accelerating productivity maximize the potential and contributions of each Associate in the program. This holistic onboarding and development program averages 24 months in length and focuses primarily on role readiness, followed by ongoing enablement and engagement and defined career progression

GSAP begins by partnering with the University Relations and Talent Acquisition teams to hire a diverse workforce and ensure that candidates become familiar with the company’s culture and core values during the recruitment process .

Each customized program has three main focus areas to drive consistent onboarding and reduce time to productivity: pre-Boot Camp, Boot Camp and post-Boot Camp, Within the pre-Boot Camp framework, Associates receive an introduction to the company’s strategy, purpose and Culture Code.

They become familiar with the organization’s broader goals and how their teams directly contribute to achieving those goals. In addition to foundational technical training, Associates learn about their teams’ cultures and key success factors for their roles and customer bases. Each Associate is also immediately paired with an experienced mentor who serves as a dedicated resource to the Associate for the first six months in his or her new work role.

Associates then participate in a five- to eight-week structured training, otherwise known as “Boot Camp”; GSAP completely customizes Boot Camp training curricula to individual roles and organizations. The program offers many practical learning opportunities. Associates receive the technical preparation necessary to achieve an industry-leading certification through the Dell EMC Proven Professional track. This credential provides the Associate an immediate “badge” of excellence and exposure to a certification framework that (s)he is encouraged and expected to follow during his or her career.

During Boot Camp, Associates are paired at a one-to-one ratio with experienced Team Leads who provide ongoing coaching and feedback. Associates complete self-assessments and receive both verbal and written feedback regarding their performance. Through this thorough vetting process, GSAP ensures that Associates graduate Boot Camp having met all objectives and transition back to their field managers ready to work.

GSAP’s performance management strategy assesses Associates with respect to role-based objectives and the company’s culture code, ensuring that Associates are able to tie their work and performance directly back to the broader company’s expectations and values.

The average Boot Camp class size is 24 Associates. During this time, Associates work and grow together, giving them an instant network and community to start their professional careers.

GSAP’s post-Boot Camp framework (see Example attachment) helps Associates transition back out of the classroom and begin their formal on-the-job training. It provides guidance to field managers and mentors in order to maximize Associates’ continued development. The training content is primarily housed on an industry-standard technical platform known as a “SPOC” (“small private online course”). Managers select training content most applicable for their Associates and participate in an assessment and endorsement process. Associates also continue to collaborate with their Boot Camp peers virtually, sharing best practices and lessons learned in the field.

GSAP‘s classroom and virtual training frameworks, structured mentorship, and overall focus on growth and development accelerate Associates’ time to productivity. While in the program, Associates have the opportunity to receive formal performance reviews and merit increases every six months. This strategy offers more frequent feedback to Associates than many comparable roles elsewhere and incentivizes them to make an impact on the businesses that they serve, as soon as possible .

Team Summary:

-Surpassed 6,500 lifetime program participants.
-Hired 473 Associates into eight organizations.
-41% of new Associates were women.
-Developed two new programs for business units previously unserved by GSAP.
98% of Associates who sat for Dell EMC Proven Professional Foundations Certification exam during Boot -Camp passed, and left Boot Camp having already obtained this industry-leading certification.
35% of Associates rated “exceeds expectations” at first performance review (approximately six months into role).
-Created three new post-Boot Camp SPOCs for continued collaboration and ongoing development.
-Maintained a lower employee attrition rate in comparison to the broader company.

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