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Company: Concentrix, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Category: Achievement in Diversity and Inclusion

Entry Title: A Global Dedication to Diversity and Inclusion

Achievement Essay

Our vision at Concentrix is “to be the greatest customer engagement services company in the world, rich in diversity and talent.” This inclusivity is built into our corporate culture from the ground up. All staff members globally sign off a Code of Ethical Business Conduct every year, which affirms a commitment to “respecting diversity, providing equal opportunity and forbidding discrimination and harassment.”

One of our culture statements is “We all contribute and are all one Concentrix.” Business activities are conducted without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability or age. Concentrix works to promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of all staff.

The Concentrix commitment to diversity and inclusion is not restricted to just one country, or even to merely one continent. India is the largest Concentrix location, with massive growth requiring a large pool of viable candidates.

To expand our pool of skilled candidates, we bolstered the employability of local underserved populations.

We also increased hiring and retention of women and differently abled employees.

First, we educated girls, women and disadvantaged social groups, to increase the availability of sufficiently skilled potential hires.

Second, we expanded our outreach programs to specifically recruit those in underserved groups.

Thirdly, we provided facilities and resources specifically for differently-abled staff members and for women, for example, sign language assistants for hearing impaired staff members and a policy to keep women safer while using the company-provided transport facilities.

Through these actions, 33% of our new hires in 2017 were female and/or differently abled staff members in India. Earlier this year, we won the Disability Employment Award as a thought leader for these initiatives.

Our UK site’s Aurora Group, founded in Belfast and currently expanding to our other EMEA locations,
promotes equality through outreach with the LGBTQ community both internally and externally.

Concentrix Belfast diversity group has also been instrumental in various initiatives; supporting Concentrix in being accredited as a Diversity Champion by the Northern Ireland Rainbow Project (Link 3) and being featured in a publication by the Equality Commission regarding our approach to diversity, being called out as a best practice employer. Concentrix contributed to the pay gap study in Great Britain which will be launched in the UK.

In the Philippines, Project Wheelz created a strategy to focus on an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Their initiatives supported HR and Recruiting to attract, hire, on-board and train a diverse local population.

Monitoring and reporting on staff demographics provides visibility. To maintain a welcoming environment, the project educates other areas of the business on tolerance and proper policies.

They also focus staff engagement on internal and external activities which empower and support individuality.

Through these initiatives and engagement, Project Wheelz maintains the lowest attrition rate across all Philippines-based clients, 4% in 2017, employee satisfaction went from 3.99 in 2016 to 4.33 in 2017 and is currently the number one in employee satisfaction across all our Philippines locations while also having the highest customer satisfaction rate. The Project Wheelz program is currently 52% female, more than 10% LGBT and 7% staff representing minority religions.

In North America and in countries recognizing the transgender community as a legal entity, Concentrix health coverage includes transgender-inclusive benefits. Concentrix also offers same-sex spousal benefits.

We also recently launched NOW (Network of Women) globally. While Concentrix already has a sterling record of inclusion with regards to women we always strive to improve.

From organizing women to empower their careers to promoting human rights to seeking to hire and welcome people of all backgrounds, we truly believe in the ability of a diverse global workforce to make the world a better place.

Achievement Summary:

-Initiatives support the education of girls and women in India such as working with government and state-run initiatives to sponsor paid training.

-Made sites in India more accessible to disabled

-Surpassed goal in India with 33% female and disabled new hires.

-Recognized by Rainbow Project as Diversity Champion.

-Participation in Belfast Pride in 2016 and 2017.

-Referral program increased diversity in the Philippines while also improving employee and customer

-Philippines initiative included diversity awareness and cultural appreciation activities, which led to a more culturally diverse and gender balanced staff.

-Organized "Pride March" in 2016 and 2017 in four sites of Concentrix Philippines.

-Health coverage includes same-sex spousal benefits and transgender-inclusive benefits

-NOW provides career development opportunities for women, with more than 50,000 global attendees for the first two live events.

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