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Company: Clearlink, Salt Lake City, UT USA
Category: Achievement in Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Entry Title: Health and Wellness at Clearlink

Achievement Essay:

Our Health and Wellness program here at Clearlink is constantly cited as the most popular benefit (in a long list of benefits) that we offer. We know that when an employee feels good, they have the capacity to enjoy the good things in life.

Free Healthcare with 360 Fit
After one year of employment, our employees are eligible to enroll in our 360 Fit program, which gives them the opportunity to receive 100% paid healthcare! Once a year, employees go through a biometric screening where their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and BMI are measured. In addition, they earn points every month by participating in things that promote a healthy lifestyle. If employees don’t meet requirements for 100% paid healthcare, they can still qualify for lower levels of compensation toward healthcare costs.

Wellness Activities
We have regular Wellness Day Activities where employees are given paid time-off to participate in activities that promote good health and exercise. Activities include mountain biking at local ski resorts, hiking to a scenic spot and being led in a guided yoga class, hiking to a secluded mountain lake for a day of fly-fishing, paddle boarding at one of our local lakes, rock climbing in one of our beautiful canyons, and many more. In addition to getting active, employees are instructed on how to make the respective activity part of their health routine.

Ski, Resort, and Golf Passes
We offer free passes and paid time-off to help get our employees out of the office and active. In the winter, employees can sign up for a ski pass (with a +1) so they can ski at any of the amazing ski resorts, such as Snowbird, Park City, Deer Valley, and many more. In the summer, we offer passes to those same resorts where employees can hike or mountain bike. We also offer golf passes to all of the Salt Lake City Golf Courses.

Classes and Resources
We offer a full curriculum to help educate employees on all different areas of living a healthy lifestyle.
Employees earn points that go toward the 360 Fit quarterly requirements by completing challenges, reading materials, or attending classes. Examples of challenges include not eating processed food for a month, exercising outside for 300 minutes in a month, keeping a food diary, and more. There are also classes that teach employees about various aspects of nutrition and exercise.

Employees can attend individual coaching sessions where a trainer will give personalized instruction and advice to help them tailor a nutrition and exercise regimen that works for them. They can even tailor specific programs around specific diets such as low carb, gluten intolerant, vegan, and more.

Yoga and Meditation
We offer yoga classes as well as guided meditation sessions. In the winter, the sessions are held inside, and in the summer, they are held outside by our lake. These programs have become exceedingly popular and we have had to find spaces that allow for more people to attend.

On-site Exercise Room
We have an exercise room on-site that all employees have access to. There are free weights and barbells, stationary bikes, treadmills, resistance training equipment, and more. Many employees will head down on their lunch for a midday workout to keep their energy up.

Annual Weight Loss Competition
We have a competition every year where employees can compete, either as a team or individually, to see who can lose the most weight as a percentage of their overall body fat. There are activities specifically designed for the participants to help build a sense of community through a common goal. Employees win cash prizes and tickets to different events as an award.

Achievement Summary:

· Opportunity for free healthcare
· Wellness and health activities
· Free ski, resort, and golf passes for all employees
· Classes and resources
· Health coaching
· Yoga and meditation
· On-site exercise room
· Annual weight loss competition
· Year-round access to resources and trainers
· Corporate intermural teams

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