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Company: Cisco, Lakewood Ranch, FL USA
Category: ;Achievement in Employee Engagement

Entry Title: WeAreCisco Employee Engagement & Using Employee-Generated Content (EGC)

Achievement Essay:

Cisco’s Talent Brand team has a mission: to make personal connections with talent. We’ve always thought the best way to do that was to give employees a voice and amplify it.

Visit @WeAreCisco on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (through employee takeovers, which we won a Stevie for last year!) – you won’t see stock imagery or brand marketing, you’ll see the #WeAreCisco employee tribe. (The same with our new Cisco Careers website – all employee imagery!)

How? By listening on the #WeArecisco hashtag, and empowering employee sharing.

Example: 2017 was the second-annual #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork contest, which is our way to encourage more employee sharing. We brought it back for a limited-time engagement because one Jedi employee channeled the Force during an all-employee meeting Q&A with our execs, asking if Cisco could celebrate Maythe4th as a company. Our CEO said yes, and our team was off and running with a partnership from the employee comms team, site leads, engineering teams and even some recruiters who created a Jedi Knight job requisition! By adding the #Maythe4th hashtag, we were able to show our geeky side to the world.

Additionally, the Talent Brand team partnered with the Nasdaq to highlight employee photos on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square. We also brought NYC employees to the Nasdaq studio to do a Facebook Live in our Star Wars gear. We had 400+ entries, 50 employee images on the tower, #WeAreCisco trended on May 4 , with potential reach of 2.4M, 6K Facebook Live views Facebook Live and 25K job clicks.

New social channel functionality also included employee engagement.

First: Instagram Stories. We wanted Stories to feel like INSTA, not Snapchat. We don’t do “takeovers,” we employee-source content (through social listening) and give employees a storyboard to capture the pieces –Boomerangs, vertical photos, videos – then we take those pieces and add the Instagram “flair.”

Completion rates for Stories are 50-60% (sometimes 80%+) and daily viewers are 1500+.

Just as we have Snapchat ambassadors, we created the Cisco Shutterbugs ambassador group for Instagram.

We could see (through Instagram listening) that we had some talented employee photogs. If we have a need for a story or newsfeed photo, we activate them.

While we’ve had employees bylining blogs for two years, we also created a bloggers ambassador community in 2017. They could connect with other bloggers, and in turn become REPEAT bloggers – while also driving more comments and encouragement with each blog. Our posts are often in the top 10 most commented and most shared blogs at Cisco.

Creating these ambassador communities came in handy in 2017 when Facebook launched a Live Contributor role on Facebook pages. Instagram Live rolled out shortly after.

Having a year of Snapchat takeovers under our belt, the transition to live wasn’t as scary. However, we knew that it would take certain personalities to hold an audience on a Live. We cherry picked our “stars” from the various communities, gave them some extra training and guidelines (for example, ask for engagement, repeat key points as people come into the live) and they became our Cisco Culture Contributors – roving reporters who pop up live to cover an event, show off a space, or just “hang out” with viewers for a while.

Facebook Live’s value comes after the live, with an average of 6K views, 1/3 with SOUND ON (they play silent by default) but 2-3 had 20K+ views, with only a small $20-$50 spend to boost. Instagram sees about 100 live viewers, 600 for the 24 hours it’s visible, and direct messages with requests for the careers link jump each time.

As you can see, this entry isn’t just for the Talent Brand team, this is for our extended team of employee ambassadors as well.

Achievement Summary:

· #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork #Maythe4th employee contest: employee photos were featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square and an employee Facebook Live. 3.6M impressions, potential reach 2.4M on May 4 on the #WeAreCisco hashtag, Twitter trending, 6K Facebook Live views, 25K+ visits to Jedi “job”

· Careers site redesign featuring all-employee images, which now has record-breaking low bounce rates.

· Instagram Stories featuring all employee-generated content. Completion rates for Stories are 50-60%
(sometimes 80%+) and daily viewers are 1500+.

· Cisco Culture Contributors for Facebook Live and Instagram Live (employee “roving reporters”) Facebook Lives see an average of 6K views, but 2-3 had 20K+ views, 1/3 with the SOUND ON (they play silent by default) with only a small $20-$50 spend to boost. Instagram sees about 100 live viewers, 600 for the 24 hours it’s visible, and direct messages with requests for the careers link jump each time.

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