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Company: Cisco, San Jose, CA USA
Category: Recruiting or Talent Acquisition Professional of the Year

Entry Title: Macy Andrews, Senior Director, University Recruiting and Talent Brand

Individual Essay:

Three years ago, Macy Andrews assumed responsibility for, and transformed Cisco’s Talent Brand team.

Since the Talent Brand team reports to the Human Resources organization at Cisco, she understood that the key word for us was “human,” and empowered her team with a mission statement – to make personal connections with future talent.

Inspired by her leadership, the Talent Brand team made those personal connections by talking to the world like we were 70K employees, instead of a 70K-person organization. By allowing Cisco employees to be the voice, and encouraging the team to amplify employee stories to give an authentic view of what it’s like to work at Cisco, we were able to go from zero to hero.

In 2017, Macy brought all the pieces of Talent Branding together – social, recruitment marketing and events –and solidified us around one idea. Be You. With Us. #WeAreCisco.

In social media, Macy encouraged the team to not only be okay with pushing boundaries, but to push the boundaries even farther. An executive’s job is to clear the way for their teams and allow them to use their strengths, pushing the social team past even the then-unheard-of employee-takeovers every day on the WeAreCisco Snapchat channel to working with employee ambassadors to be LIVE Cisco Culture correspondents on Facebook and Instagram. In 2017, the social team won over 30 awards, including best use of Snapchat, Best Use of Instagram and Social Campaign of the Year.

Macy wouldn’t let the team rest on any laurels – and because of Macy’s leadership style, the team wants to raise their own bar over and over again. She is also a leader that encourages development, and the fail forward approach that helps the team innovate. Rather than focus on paid job ads on Glassdoor, Macy gave a very meaty project to an HR early-career rotation. Through working with key recruitment segments and employee resource organizations, the team was able to drive reviews and raise the rating from a 3.6 in 2016 to a 4.0 as 2017 came to a close – earning Cisco a spot on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list for the first time.

For the recruitment marketing space, Macy directed the team to again step out of bounds when creating and launching the new Cisco Careers website. The Be you. With Us. #WeAreCisco is not only the first text a candidate will see, but it’s what they experience; with the entire site created using images of – or taken by – Cisco employees. After years of work, the site is now also mobile-responsive, and the bounce rates (how frequently people leave the site) beats industry standards by two- to three-times other Careers sites – and other Websites in general.

Another project Macy encouraged an HR early-in-career rotation to impact was the Fortune Great Places to Work ranking. Employee participation in 2017’s survey was three times what it was in 2016, and Cisco’s rank jumped from 82 (with less employee participation) to 68!

In addition to leading Cisco’s Talent Brand team become a globally recognized leader in the industry, with over 40 team and individual contributor awards, Macy took on the University Recruiting team of 62 people as a natural fit with her work in employer branding. She fostered relationships internally as well with employee communications, brand and corporate marketing to foster a more unified representation of Cisco as an employer of choice in the competitive Silicon Valley market.

In their 2017 Talent Attraction survey, PotentialPark recognized the work of Macy’s team, ranking it the #7 (up from #25) social Talent Brand in the US, with the Careers site raking jumping by 16 points in the US and mobile ease of apply moving up the list by 53 points!

Individual Summary:

- Being an amazing leader to a globally-recognized, award-winning Talent Brand Team with 40+ industry awards in 2017 (Including 10+ Stevie Awards!)

- Launching mobile-responsive, employee-centric Cisco Careers site redesign

- Leading the Glassdoor employee-review and response initiative to a 4.0 ranking for the first time

- Overseeing the increase employee participation (by 3X!) in the Great Place To Work survey, bumping Cisco’s ranking from 82 to 68!

- Helping the social team rank as the #7 Talent Brand Social Media effort in the US (PotentialPark 2017 data)

- Taking responsibility of the University Recruiting team of 62 global team members in addition to the Talent Brand team, which gets 90K applications for Cisco’s 3K internships each year.

- Did we mention she’s the best manager in the world? (So sayeth the Talent Brand team, unprompted and enthusiastically.)



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