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Company: Ceridian, Toronto, ON Canada
Category:Talent Management Solution - New Version

Entry Title: Dayforce Talent Management

Products Essay

To attract, retain, and engage employees, companies need to fully embrace the shifting expectations of the modern workplace and provide intuitive human capital management (HCM) solutions that are employeecentric, integrated, and current.

Dayforce Talent Management provides these integrated and people-focused strategies, while offering tools and coaching to empower managers and leaders to make work life better for their employees.

The entire purpose of Dayforce’s Talent Management suite of products is to; attract and onboard, align and develop, and then reward and retain employees. This year Ceridian enhanced and expanded the existing Talent capabilities to innovate the market and exceed customers’ expectations and needs.

Talent Management includes the following modules:

Recruiting (updated),
Onboarding, Learning (new),
Performance (updated),
Compensation Management (new) and
Predictive Analytics – ‘Flight Risk’ (new).

Dayforce’s Talent suite is part of the overall Dayforce platform, a holistic HCM platform that includes payroll, HR, Benefits, Workforce Management and Reporting.

Ceridian redesigned the recruiting experience to give recruiters and hiring managers an even better tool to find the right people, and hire them quickly. The user experience is more intuitive and hiring managers and recruiters can now see the applicant’s resume immediately and act without leaving the screen. They can also create talent pools to build a pipeline for future opportunities.

The new Dayforce Learning module brings Learning into the employee lifecycle and integrates it with other HCM functionality to make it part of an employee’s daily routine. With Dayforce, learning is an engaging experience instead of a passive activity. Dayforce’s Social Learning features enable employees to collaborate, share content, and coach each other, gaining the power of collective knowledge.

Dayforce Performance has been enhanced with the addition of peer reviews. Ceridian recognized that a performance conversation requires more input than just an employee and his or her manager. With peer reviews, managers can get a holistic understanding of their employees’ performance through this collaborative experience. With a better representation of their employee’s performance, managers are empowered to make informed performance-related decisions, like promotions.

The new Dayforce Compensation Management module gives organizations the platform, tools, and recommendations they need to effectively compensate and retain their people. Since Dayforce is a holistic application, data is pulled from across the application. Offerings like pay, HR, and performance information gives managers everything they need in one convenient place to make informed decisions. Dayforce provides support tools like a gender pay equity graph and an auto-allocate tool that recommends suggested compensation changes.

Dayforce’s new Predictive Analytics capabilities and Flight Risk feature go beyond providing predictive outcomes from ‘big data’ to providing the tools, tips, and coaching managers need to address employee flight risk. Each team member’s forecasted data is grouped by employee performance, allowing managers to focus on employees who are of greatest concern – high performers with high flight risk, so they can quickly act and lessen any existing risk of that employee leaving.

There are now more than 3,000 corporate customers using Dayforce, many customers taking advantage of the full talent suite. As of end of Q1 (March 2018), the number of new customers had increased 27% over the same time last year. Cloud revenue increased 38.0% to $125.2 million during the same period.

Dayforce Talent Management ensures all aspects of the product work together seamlessly to focus on the individual – not individual modules. The new enhancements and expansion of the Dayforce Talent suite position our customers to be able to effectively attract top talent, tactically and socially onboard new hires, set goals and collaboratively measure performance, develop with continuous learning, fairly and strategically compensate their workforce, and retain their people with a proactive, data-based approach. From hire to retire, the Dayforce application is the perfect tool to support our customers’ Talent Strategy.

Products Summary

· Recruiting:
o Filter applicants easily, keeping the focus on top candidates while creating a talent pipeline for future opportunities
o View the applicant’s resume immediately and act without leaving the screen

· Learning and Performance:
o Embed learning throughout the employee lifecycle to make it a regular part of an employee’s daily routine so they can take ownership of their development
o Goal sharing and peer reviews make the review process more interactive and collaborative, ensuring fewer surprises and enhanced development opportunities

· Compensation and Predictive Analytics ‘Flight Risk’:
o Offer a compensation management solution based on meaningful data –performance and compensation history, gender pay equity, tenure, and salary range – leading to better and more confident compensation decisions
o Predict employee flight risk and act on it, especially with high preforming employees, to prevent turnover, retain top talent, and promote employee engagement

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