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Company: Brillio, Santa Clara, CA USA
Category: Time and Expense Solution – New

Entry Title: Brillio OnTheGO

Products Essay:

Brillio enables its clients on their digital transformation journey. Our vision is to deliver a superior employee experience leveraging digital platforms, and at the same time ensure that the business processes are efficient, driving productivity, and optimizing operational costs.

Catering to the Digital Natives: With 75% of employees millennials with an average age of 28, they are seeking the same digital experiences that they’re used to in their personal lives (and what they’re delivering to clients) from Brillio. They want regular tasks and processes (productivity eaters viz. tracking, submitting and approvals of timesheets, expenses, absence, etc.) to be simpler and easier.

Drive Process Discipline: With over 2,000 employees across three continents we have ~1200 weekly timesheet submissions, 100s of expense claims and ~150 employees on leave or working from home daily. All of these need to be recorded. And a lack of discipline in recording led to not only compliance issues, but more importantly a bottom and top line impact with data leakage impacting billings, and productivity.

Enhance Process Efficiency: While Brillio had ERP systems like Oracle Fusion and NetSuite for recording and monitoring time, expense, absences and approvals; every transaction, from login to completion, took at least 4-5 minutes. If automatic recording and digital intervention would reduce the 5 minutes to 5 seconds for all these transactions, there was potential to save thousands of human hours in a month, thus improving employee productivity and experience, and bringing a positive bottom line impact.

Mirroring our disruptive approach to the market, our vision was to build OntheGo, a mobile app integral to the digital lifestyle of our employees, but designed for enterprise activities.

Removal of Barriers: An aspirational product has challenges of ascertaining ‘value delivered.’ Adopting a ‘Design Thinking’ approach, Brillio followed the ‘barrier removal’ principle. Every feature was narrowed down to elements of value, every real-world micro experience qualified upfront to ascertain ideal task completion time. Leveraged Sprint 0 for all releases, ;POCs upfront ensuring feasibility of new features and their performance.

Moments of Delight: Designed to deliver employee delight, by offering the ‘extras.' For example, the app understands users’ leave pattern, cost codes, standard hours, etc. and timesheet intelligently. It knows employees’ teams, shares team birthdays, new joiners, upcoming holidays to plan long weekends, celebrates employee milestones like completing a year, birthday, etc.

NextGen Technologies: A mobile solution built on React Native (superior to Android & iOS) delivering superior user experience and performance. Integrates with attendance systems and backend ERPs to ensure employees get all information in a single place. SingleSignOn ensures easy login for employees and data security for enterprises.

Automated Adoption Monitoring: App has 800 daily users (in an organization of 2000+) and 100% leaves are applied through the app. This is possible as the app uses telemetry tools and tracks usage, adoption and performance live. The focus is on predicting user feedback with every click monitored.

By regularizing unapplied leaves, OnTheGO has saved $122K (Jan to Jun ’18). This is projected to be about $270K+ by December 2018. With a $45K projected spend in enhancing and maintaining this app, the app runs at 6X ROI.

Productivity Impact is notional. However, considering three key features absence management, time
management and approvals for managers, considering a cost rate of $15/hour, this would conservatively be around $100K+ in 2018.

50% reduction in follow-ups for submission of timesheets. Ease of raising invoices to customers on-time has improved multifold.

For expenses, the operational cost of processing bills and follow up for submission of bills for US employees is almost NIL.

Products Summary

Professional companion: All key aspects like managing time, absence, approvals, single sign on password and expenses can be done in a few seconds with intelligence and with ease.

Social Companion: OnTheGO connects people by showing upcoming birthdays of peers, intro information about new joiners, wishes employees on their birthday, celebrates with a countdown for work anniversaries, pushing organization level information to their phones, employee directory and makes collaboration real.

Process Streaming: Time and absences are governed by laws and policies. For absences, the app has an iOT integration with the attendance system and nudges employees to regularize absence; otherwise, the app deducts leaves automatically. This has brought 100% compliance and has saved approximately $1M. For paychecks, the app notifies and fills timesheets with standard hours based on cost code allocated, absences applied/holidays to enable submission in just one click, improving operational costs of payment and invoice processing.

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