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Company: AstraZeneca/MedImmune, Gaithersburg, MD USA
Category: ;Achievement in Human Resources Administration

Entry Title: AstraZeneca HR Services - Excellence in Global HR Solutions Delivered Locally

Achievement Essay:

One of AstraZeneca’s strategic priorities is to be a great place to work; recognizing that all our achievements are down to the people who work at AstraZeneca as well as our partners and collaborators. Throughout 2017 to present, the HR Services team (originally implemented in 2016) has been a function committed to a Great Place to Work by developing global HR solutions and achievements designed to support their local customer – the employee.

The HR Services team expanded significantly this past year on both the model and its infrastructure; while keeping employees front and center, leveraging existing technology while integrating new technology; future – proofing their work, and being affordable to the company while driving operational excellence. The number of solutions introduced from this past year’s roadmap have been at a head-spinning rate, all while offering a quick return on its investment and value to the organization and its employees.

Along with the service centers, HR Services eliminated, automated, or moved non-customer facing work away from the HR Business Partner community and our Centers of Expertise (CoE) functions so that those teams could focus on strategy and execution to better support the business.

The U.S. My HR Advisory Team has been dedicated to a multitude of HR initiatives such as a new payroll and timekeeping implementation and a new compensation plan.

The team has also elevated the HR Business Partner function by taking on HR administrative roles; assimilated the company’s Leave of Absence Team to create efficiencies and a cost savings; centralized HR regulatory compliance to reduce operational risk and costs all while executing on an almost perfect customer service score.

HR Services has refined its great technology and implemented new solutions, viewing and reporting on trends. The My HR Advisory team now writes and looks to Service Now (SNOW) knowledge articles to answer employee questions, becoming a learning organization.

Finally, SNOW reporting analytics helps the team better understand and report out the volume of employee issues by company function, advising the organization on any risk factors.

To become more service oriented, HR Services introduced HR Chat and the My HR Portal. Chat has been a growing channel for employees who look to quick and efficient resolution to HR issues, while the portal allows employees to easily get in touch with My HR Advisory team for personalized solutions and allowing visibility to vital HR information by offering 24/7 self-service solutions with easy navigation.

In the continuation of keeping employees front and center, HR Services harmonized payroll operations across North America by changing vendors, improving the outsourcing model design, and leveraging Workday to be our new payroll system. This work led employees having a better overall perception of the payroll function.

To allow for future growth through globalization, AstraZeneca’s HR Data Management activities were transitioned from the U.S. to Guadalajara, Mexico, to strengthen HR processes and achieve increased cost effectiveness for business. Even during this massive knowledge transition, cases were resolved over 7 days faster on average with a 3% increase in customer satisfaction.

In 2017 – 2018, HR Services has been true to its strategy of keeping employees front and center; leveraging existing technology while integrating new technology, future – proofing work, and being affordable to the company while driving operational excellence. The AstraZeneca HR Services team is a true model on how an organization leverages scale to solve complex, global HR issues while being committed to their local customer – the employee.

Achievement Summary:

HR Service’s focus on Customer Service improvements resulted in a 4.7 out of 5 customer satisfaction score for 2017

Great technology, like ServiceNow was refined and used as a true system of record, allowing insights for incident tracking and system of record. The HR Chat feature was also implemented for effective resolutions to HR queries.

HR Services have seen a 33% increase in customer resolution times; and 72% of surveyed line
managers have reported a time savings when working with HR Services in 2017.

Payroll systems improvements increased visibility to payroll data, improved payroll accuracy, cost
savings, opportunities to implement process improvements and simplifications, and better customer

The average number of days to resolve data issues has reduced from 8.8 to 1.45; customer satisfaction increased from 4.96 from 4.73; SLA compliance has risen from 90.1% to 97.2%; and customer satisfaction increased nearly 3%. All this, despite increased customer demand.

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