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Company: AstraZeneca/MedImmune, Gaithersburg, MD USA: MedImmune
Category: Employer of the Year – Pharmaceuticals

Entry Title: MedImmune


MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca, is a science-led, biotechnology organization created in 1998. Our focus is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines to patients worldwide. In 2007, MedImmune became a part of the AstraZeneca family.

Today, biologics represent 50 percent of the AstraZeneca pipeline. MedImmune is committed to innovating on behalf of patients in the disease areas of Oncology; Respiratory, Inflammation & Autoimmunity; Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolic Disease; and Infection and Vaccines.

At MedImmune, our employees are whole persons - spouses, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, bringing a host of personal ambitions to the workplace. Our goal is to be a great place to work, supporting employees during the work day with resources for healthy and whole lives and caring for our communities.

Our work is all about health, so it’s important to provide an environment that supports employee health as well. We provide a range of opportunities to promote health from regular movement to challenging fitness classes, treadmill work stations, healthy dining and nutrition education, and chances to recharge and destress, like therapy dog visits and nap pods.

The Gaithersburg campus recently opened a subsidized and fully certified on-site childcare center for its employees, accommodating up to 180 children from infants to pre-k. Discovery Meadows (managed by Bright Horizons) offers an innovative STEM curriculum for the children, like inviting MedImmune scientists to teach lessons inspired by their professions.

Being a great place to work and supporting our employees means sharing, learning and having fun. SciFest, a two-day event, is a manifestation of our learning culture at its best. We bring our world-renowned scientists together to present findings, test ideas, and share research to promote cross functional learning and collaboration.

MedImmune recognizes that employees have passions and talents beyond their work. We encourage employees to pursue those passions and share them with their colleagues through events like, “On My Own Time”, funding programs such as the “Passion Project” and volunteerism in “Power of Us”.

Strength in diversity is critical to our bold ambition and is what supporting the whole employee is all about. We are a diverse and inclusive community, with a woman Executive Vice President leading MedImmune. Further, women represent over 40% of MedImmune leadership and our employee population is over 50% ethnically diverse.

Supporting the success and growth of all employees, MedImmune’s Women’s Summit brings women and men together from all functions and at every level of the organization for meaningful leadership development that accelerates change. In 2017, we attracted the largest number of attendees yet with more than 2000 participants attending in four countries and across three continents. The program has continued to highlight the company's commitment to diversity by contributing to its rich and diverse employee population, accelerating innovation across the business, growing opportunities for women in leadership roles, supporting the corporate-wide strategic goal to ‘Be a Great Place to Work’ and most importantly, bringing life-saving medicines to patients.

In addition to supporting our employees, we believe caring for our communities is part of what makes us a great place to work. Conserving natural resources is a priority. The Gaithersburg campus is focused on Zero Waste, engaging employees and expanding opportunities to reduce waste through composting and recycling.

In 2017, Gaithersburg earned Gold level certification in Superior Energy Performance from the U.S.
Department of Energy and the Discovery Meadows child development center was certified LEED Platinum.

Medimmune values colleagues as holistic people and all they bring and to the workplace. We are a woven community of unique individuals; and stronger for creating an environment where we can each bring our best every day to solve problems for the patients who need our help most.

Employer of the Year Summary:

· Employee Health and Wellness Center expands to include the "know your numbers" campaign

· Employee Fitness Center continues to drive health and wellness through "Fit For the Holidays", Fusionetics assessments and expanded massage services

· Café & Campus Dietitian continues to support healthy approaches to food with a "FIT" Menu, Nutritional kiosks and "My Fitness Pal" app.

· In 2017, Gaithersburg earned Gold level certification in Superior Energy Performance from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Discovery Meadows child development center was certified LEED Platinum. We have added additional electric vehicle charging stations in the past year, equaling 37 stations.

· In recognition of all the talents our employees bring with them through our doors each day, “On My Own Time” is a half day program where employees showcase their hobbies in exhibition hall style. The Power of Us provides 2 full days annually for volunteerism and contribution match.

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