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Company: Arçelik A.Ş., Istanbul, Turkey
Category: Training Programs or Media > Consumer Education Training

Entry Title: Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy

Products Essay

Arcelik A.Ş. founded in 1955, today Arçelik is a worldwide producer of consumer durables and consumer electronics in 7 countries. It is the third largest home appliances company of EMEA region and has a wide sales organization with 3,000 dealers, 12.000 sales representatives with market share exceeding 50% in Turkey.

Arçelik intends to enter the top 250 retailer companies in the world. Therefore, it’s mission was to create the perfect customer experience at all points of contact with the perspective of changing dynamics of the retail sector and making it possible to develop and sustain this operational experience throughout the whole organization. This mission is titled as “The Retail Transformation”.

Arçelik also decided to combine the omnichannel transformation with this retail transformation with physical shops via social media accounts, e-trade sites, and mobile applications increase their sales and profit by reaching a larger audience.

Arçelik believed that, primarily all Arçelik senior management and dealers should be re-educated for a permanent transformation and gave this task to the “Retail Academy” to become “Leading Change Agent” as a platform to implement the Learning Strategy and to be the one to teach.

Deployment and Design of the Program

Governing bodies of Arçelik prioritize learning for change, to position corporate learning as a strategy and main function of business rather than just an HR topic, and to encourage all dealers to understand changing and believe in change, to create a desire for learning and development on the field.

In this journey between 2017-2018, it reached the following position:

§ There is now an Executive Learning in the top management and it constitutes learning strategies,
§ Functional business leaders and SME’s are actively involved in the learning content’s design,
§ Customized blended contents have been designed,
§ Dealer owners are taking action for their own development and their employees, they now believe in change.

Need Analysis

The needs analysis interviews with Arçelik Management and Dealer Management were conducted, and as a result basic development needs were identified.

As a development method, it was assumed that leaving the classroom would be more effective and a more experience-oriented or on-the-job training approach would be suitable.

Program Design

The Retail Development Program was planned for Authorized Dealer Owners, Store Managers, and Sales Representatives. Before starting the design and development process, the Academy set out design strategies and criteria. They are as follows; customized approach with customized design teams, participant-centered content design, levelled learning content, holistic/developmental curriculum approach, blended design approach.

Change Management

During all of these development and change processes, some significant challenges were faced with dealers and management challenges regarding the setup processes of the retail academy. They were overcome by Top Management and Advisory Board, as the change ambassadors, made in-site benchmark visits to retail companies

The launch of the program took place in a seminar where the general manager and top management talked about the transformation.

The program was branded, special promotional kits and films which the top management have given messages, were prepared, promotional stands were set up at every dealer meeting.

The theoretical product trainings in the classrooms have been transformed into an interactive exhibition designed with a “learn the trying and entertaining approach” at the beginning of regional and highly participated product.


The positive output was achieved at the targeted KPI’s in line with Arcelik Retail Academy and it was determined that there were significant standardization and improvement in the turnovers, shop displays, and customer relations of these dealers. Dealers wanted to be a part of this change and began to request to participate in Academy Programs on their own will.

Products Summary

-At the end of 1 year transformation work:

-Retail transformation vision was communicated.

-Academy programs created a desire for learning and curiosity.

-Dealer owners have learned the basics and requirements of modern retailing.

-Modern retail approach of Arçelik was accepted by dealer owners.

-Dealers was informed the new customer profile better and provide seamless customer experience.

-Business results of the program were 9% turnover increase Arçelik yearly growth and high scores of mystery shopper.

-Among Store Managers/Sales Representatives, the usage of Arçelik retail applications and tools were increased

-New generation customers’ expectations were satisfied by upskilled sales representatives and helped to increase sales (especially increase of 19% electronic goods turnover)

-Even though Retail Academy Online Learning Platform recently launched, number of single users online learning platform increased 55% with in a year.

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