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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: StarTech, Colorado Springs, CO USA
Nomination Category: Employer of the Year - Computer Hardware

Entry Title: StarTech


StarTech.com was founded more than three decades ago, but the past 12 months have truly been a breakthrough period for the company. Since 2016, StarTech.com has celebrated the launch of advanced products, expanded its global footprint and created profitable new relationships as a vendor and original equipment manufacturer. StarTech.com was honored with numerous awards in recognition of its rapid growth and effective management. And the company welcomed a new president in 2016 to further strengthen its inclusive culture and consolidate its position as an industry leader.

A leading manufacturer of advanced connectivity products, StarTech.com released several new products this year, including the Thunderbolt 3 docking station with dual 4K 60Hz display support. The company’s most advanced dock ever, this product allows users to choose thinner notebooks with fewer connectors without compromising performance.

StarTech.com also released one of the first WiGig® docking stations, which offers a wireless and USB-C wired connection. WiGig technology streamlines laptop and docking station connections, reducing the need for cables and user intervention to connect displays and peripherals. It also addresses a problem created by the trend of fewer ports on laptops. StarTech.com’s WiGig docking station lets users integrate laptop mobility with workstation productivity, and the USB-C port lets early adopters upgrade to WiGig.

StarTech.com released a new USB-C Dual Monitor Docking Station with Power Delivery in 2016, one of the first products to incorporate USB-C technology with power delivery. This innovative connectivity technology allows users to transform a USB-C enabled laptop into a fully functional workstation. It supports full power delivery to the laptop and connected devices, and only the dock’s power adapter is needed to power all devices, reducing the necessity of using power cords for each device.

Last summer, StarTech.com celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters in London, Ontario, marking the largest ever expansion of the company’s corporate office. The building features 33,000 square feet of new workspace, 13 meeting rooms and an energy efficient LED lighting system to augment increased natural lighting. The workspace includes a café and patio for employee breaks. It also houses an Innovation Lab designed to facilitate development and testing of groundbreaking IT connectivity products. The expansion accommodates workforce growth, which has doubled in five years.

StarTech.com.com has locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and Australia and began providing service in New Zealand in 2016, expanding the reach of its advanced connectivity solutions worldwide. Market share grew substantially in 2016 in Japan, Australia and New Zealand, opening new opportunities for employees. StarTech.com was recognized with an Inc. 500 Award, a Profit 500 Award and was honored with a Canada’s Best Managed Companies Award.

Late last year, Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy joined StarTech.com as company president, where she leads the executive team and directs operations. A successful IT company executive with significant global expansion experience, Smurthwaite-Murphy is focused on developing new opportunities for employees as well as growing the company. In past roles and in her present position with StarTech.com, Smurthwaite-Murphy has been recognized for her work in improving diversity and increasing employee engagement.

Smurthwaite-Murphy has successfully launched many programs aimed at measuring and improving employee satisfaction and increasing opportunities, including a global survey, a diversity committee and a “women in technology” group. In her past roles as an executive who advocates for employees, Smurthwaite-Murphy garnered some of the highest employee satisfaction ratings in the region.

Because of its fast growth, innovative product development, forward-thinking approach to employee engagement and progressive leadership, StarTech.com is a great place to work.

StarTech.com’s management team and HR professionals have created a truly unique culture that enables a tech-driven future with innovative connectivity products delivered by a focused team of top achievers.

Employer of the Year Summary

· New President Announcement - December 2016
· TB3 Docking Station - StarTech's Most Advanced Dock Ever (September 2016)
· WiGig Docking Station - One of the industry’s first WiGig® docking stations. (August 2016)
· USB-C Docking Station - One of the first USB-C Dual Monitor Docking Stations on the market to incorporate USB-C technology with power delivery. (August 2016)
· Building Expansion - Provides workspace for 100 additional employees and room for an additional 80 employees. (June 2016)
· New country launches – New Zealand
· On-going growth – increased market share in Japan, Australia, and new launch in New Zealand
· Inc. 5000 Award & Profit 500 Award
· Canada’s Best Managed Companies Award
· Became an Intel OEM and Device Vendor