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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Samsung Electronics Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey
Nomination Category: Training Programs or Media – Other

Entry Title: Discover Samsung

Products Essay:

Despite being world's leading technology company, Samsung Turkey (SETK) is an active sales company for last 6 years. Today, however, we have new challenges with the ever-changing market conditions, fierce competition, and unstable economic conditions.

Global Samsung organization’s 2020 vision is ‘inspiring the world and creating the future’. We, as SETK HR strive to contribute creating the future with a sustainable high performing team. Hence attracting, growing, and retaining top talents take its place on top priority of HR.

Discover Samsung Program, which has been created with great expertise in idea and philosophy, has been developed to bring this new talent onboard, serving not only to our core business needs, but also to succession management via feeding into SETK’s leadership pipeline.

A. Business Need:
Even the need for new talents was increasing; Samsung Turkey was having difficulties in retaining new talents. Discover Samsung is a strategic program align with company strategies and business needs as;
- Most of new talents recruited as entry-level positions were leaving in their first year.
- Others couldn’t promote from beginning level
- Managers were also disappointed for investing in new employees every year as the others leave
- Employee satisfaction was decreasing

So we needed a program to attract new talents, which would develop them to promote and keep them in the company.

B. Targeted Participants: Discover Samsung Program targets senior university students who will graduate this year.

C. Program Design:

Discover Samsung Program has composed of,
- (1) selection,
- (2) Pre-project
- (3) Day One (group work and coaching),
- (4) Final Project, and
- (5) Final Day (final presentation)
- (6) Adaptation Period stages.


Applicants have online exams of functional tests and English Proficiency exam. Successful participants are chosen for Discover Samsung Program. Program received around 4000 applications in 2016 (2800 applicants in 2015)

Pre-Project :

Participants are assigned several tasks for a simulation exercise. Tasks included real case scenarios that our businesses strive to develop solutions for. The tasks called for extensive research, field-study, technical knowledge, analysis, reporting, and presenting skills. A voluntary mentor team of senior professionals or managers is assigned to assist each participant with the 4-week long assigned project. Applicants worked on the projects via receiving online mentoring sessions.

Day-One Training:

After individual pre-project study; Participants come together with their groups and mentors, assisted by external professional coaches and spend a day at the Samsung Innovation Center in Istanbul.

At this training session, participants are met with their project teams for the first time. They present their pre-work to team and each team prepares a SWOT analysis on a structured workshop moderated by professional coaches. At the end of this session, each team is assigned their projects.

A significant state of art of this program is the coaching support. Professional coaches monitor each participant all day. Each participant receives professional feedback from these coaches. Thus, participants have the opportunity to invest in their development starting from day-one.

Final Project:

Participants worked their final projects in form of groups for 4 weeks, ensuring they connected at least 2-3 times on a weekly basis.

Final Day: Participants rejoined to make final presentations to business line VPs, Directors, as well as the CEO. There was a set of criteria including Feasibility, Creativity of the project and collaboration of the team used to assess the success of the project. At the end, top projects are awarded.

After presentation, HR interviews all participants. Successful participants are selected to recruit at SETK with a score consisting of:
*Mentors’ Evaluations
*HR interview
*Exam results
*Career Expectations

Adaptation Period:
Recruited new-hires start their 6-month adaptation period with real job responsibilities and set goals. They received 1:1 coaching from HR Director, focusing on their development and journey at Samsung.

Products Summary:

*Turnover ratio on new-hires was as high as 34% on 2013; (34% of newly-hired employees quit company on their first year). With Discover Samsung Project, it decreased to 6% in 2015. In 2016, none of new-hire talents quit; a 0% turnover rate success.
*Only 1,89% of new-hires could proceed to permanent staff last 3 years. With Discover Samsung, in 2016 all of new-hires are promoted to permanent staff. (100%)
*None of new-hires could promote to senior positions before this program. With Discover Samsung, 67% Of Discover Samsung graduates promoted to senior project manager/ product manager positions.
*Discover Samsung graduates scored higher that 75% of company on competency levels. This shows us the success of program on developing new-hires for future competencies.
*In 2015, we had a radical decrease on employee engagement. After Discover Samsung, in 2016 all items increased. 6 points increase in program related items is evident.


Discover Samsung 2017: https://vimeo.com/226146711