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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: PublicSchoolWORKS, Cincinnati, OH USA
Nomination Category: Health, Wellness and Safety Solution Provider of the Year

Entry Title: Making Schools Safer for Staff and Students

Solution Provider Essay:

PublicSchoolWORKS provides the content, technology and guidance to help school districts create cohesive cultures of safety.

The EmployeeSafe Suite streamlines the “business” of running a school district focused on safety. The automated software deploys and tracks a safety program that includes staff training, the reporting and management of staff accidents, scheduling and management of compliance tasks such as drills and inspections, and includes a library of safety information such as written programs, checklists, chemical safety data sheets and more – all online. Implementing a complete safety program helps prevent injury and mitigate risk and the associated loss a district can experience. And school districts better maintain compliance with federal and state mandates.

EmployeeSafe user Keith Martin, the Treasurer at Anderson School District Three, said using EmployeeSafe has “reduced our workers’ comp claims and premiums, and even streamlined the OSHA 300 reporting. It has helped us do things we could have never done on our own.” When Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation was using PublicSchoolWORKS’ staff training system, the district was able to lower its risk management retention funds by nearly $100,000 at one point. The district then implemented the full EmployeeSafe Suite in September 2016, and Mike Seger, the Director of Safety and Student Services, said it “helps promote a culture of safety across the district” and “helps minimize the frequency and severity of losses. The money we would be spending on accidents and premiums can now go back into the general fund and support student instruction.”

The StudentWatch Suite contains tools for student accident management, reporting mechanisms for bullying and student violence, and a behavior management system to report and track student behavior.

In September 2016, North College Hill City Schools implemented StudentWatch and Superintendent Eugene Blalock Jr. said he requires students and parents to report issues online because “if it’s not in the system, I can’t ensure it is being investigated.” Oak Hills High School, which began using StudentWatch’s Student Behavior Management System In August 2016, is now able to collect data about the district’s biggest behavior issues so they know where to focus their efforts.

Both suites create a “digital paper trail” of safety issues. All details of incidents, how administrators intervened, and how it was resolved are recorded, which decreases district liability because they can prove they followed protocol and did not let anything fall through the cracks. Also, it creates a repository of records that can be analyzed for trends for introducing new risk mitigation initiatives. If a similar accident keeps occurring or a student keeps misbehaving, recognizing trends allows districts to deploy new prevention tactics through the software. This lets staff and students know safety concerns are being addressed, which helps everyone feel safer at school.

-PublicSchoolWORKS’ accomplishments since January 2016 are a testament of its positive impact on its customers:

-PublicSchoolWORKS has a customer retention rate of 99+% and when administrators move districts, many call PublicSchoolWORKS for their new districts. For example, Eugene Blalock felt PublicSchoolWORKS was such an asset at his previous district that he implemented it at North College Hill Local Schools when he became the superintendent in August 2016.
-EmployeeSafe has won Gold and Bronze Stevies and numerous Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products Awards from District Administration magazine, and received an honorable mention from School Planning & Management’s 2016 New Product of the Year award program.
-PublicSchoolWORKS' Client Services Team won Gold and Silver Stevies and a Stellar Service Award from Tech & Learning magazine.
-Additionally, the Research & Development Team won a Bronze Stevie. Lastly, PublicSchoolWORKS is continuously expanding to meet the needs of its customers.
-The company hired three new PMCs, a Technology Integration Coordinator, a Course Developer/Instructional Designer/508 Compliance Specialist, a new Vice President, Sales and appointed a Vice President, Strategic Alliances.

Solution Provider Summary:

-Continuously helps districts reduce risk and liability, save money and create a culture of safety.
-Maintain almost 100% customer retention rate
-Garnered new school district accounts due to customers’ loyalty
-EmployeeSafe has won three industry awards and an honorable mention.
-PublicSchoolWORKS' Client Services Team won three industry awards and its Research & Development Team won one.
-Hired six new employees and created a new VP-level position