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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: New World Development Company Limited, Hong Kong, China
Nomination Category: Employer of the Year - Real Estate

Entry Title: New World Development Company Limited

Employer of the Year Essay: Text Redacted for Publication

The unique brand personality of New World Development Company Limited (“NWD”) is best characterised as The Artisanal Movement (TAM). It is a journey of expanding the imagination through persistence in delivering bespoke craftsmanship and originality in our products and services. The Artisanal spirit drives our desire to secure a profound understanding of our customers' needs.

In bringing TAM to reality, NWD developed a wide range of human resources initiatives to internally engage the employee, and externally attract competent talent to join the Company. These included bespoke employee engagement programmes and innovative recruitment campaigns.

Employee Engagement Programmes

NWD implemented comprehensive employee engagement programmes to cater the needs of employees.

“Cultural Transformer Programme” is implemented across Hong Kong and China to facilitate the employees to understand the corporate culture and apply to their work. Employees are trained to become “Transformers” to conduct company visits in different business units of New World Group. The “Transformers” explain the corporate culture and how to apply in their job through interactive games and training.

“TGIF.Connect” is a relaxing gathering connecting employees from different departments especially the new joiners. It is held on one Friday of each month. Both new joiners and existing employees are invited to join. There is also sharing to introduce departmental functions.

“Talent.Connect” aims at achieving a higher synergy among the talents. Identified talents from different business units are arranged to business visits to experience the Company’s new business and to present their opinions about the business to the management.

“Thumbs-up Programme” aims at cultivating an encouraging and recognition culture among employees. Employees are encouraged to give compliment to other colleagues by sharing their good behaviours on i.World. Employees receiving or giving the most compliments were both recognized.

Comprehensive training programme are delivered to cater different needs of employees and high potentials. “Future Star Scheme” provides identified talents and graduated Management Trainees with tailor-made development programme, including job placement and job rotation, according to their preferred career path in the general management or professional stream.

“YoungSTAR” and “Accelerating Management Talent” programmes provide all-round training to junior staff and managerial staff respectively, nurturing them as they move forward on their career paths.

Innovative Recruitment Campaigns

To acquire talents demonstrating artisan’s spirit, recruitment campaigns embodying TAM essences are launched for Management Trainee (“MT”) Programme and Internship Programme.

Recruitment Campaigns@ Facebook

To expand the channel for talent acquisition without geographical boundary and to project an open image to attract energetic youngster to join NWD, NWD set up “New World Talent Facebook” (“NW Facebook”).

“Artisans Blast” has been launched to recruit for MT Programme since 2016. Candidates would submit an original work to NW Facebook. In 2017, top 10 shortlisted candidates were invited to an artisanal dining experience with our senior executives. They were also required to craft an artisanal work with Virtual Reality Technology. Finalists would go straight to final interview, from which their career inspiration will be explored.

“Exceptional Challenge” is an alternative approach to apply for Internship Programme. Students would submit their original creative works to the NW Facebook. Shortlisted candidates were admitted to the Internship Programme directly without any interview.

Creative Assessment Centre

Brand new approach of assessment centres is adopted for a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the creativity, business sense, team spirit and presentation skill of MTs and Interns.

In “Artisans Go!”, candidates of MT Programme were arranged to a tour in the Art Mall of the New World Group. Afterwards, they conducted a presentation to management on how to enhance the artisanal elements of the mall.

In “Artisans Hunt”, apart from group discussion and presentation, in “Elevator Pitch", candidates for Internship Programme had to reply to few questions when they were taking elevator to the 9/F floor. This was to assess the nimbleness of the candidates.

Link: www.nwd.com.hk