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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Migros Tic.A.S., ─░stanbul, Turkey
Nomination Category: Curated Training Platform of the Year – Other

Entry Title: Migros Social

Products Essay:

Our company, a leader in Turkey’s retail industry, provides services in 81 provinces spread all across the country. With a rapid growth trend recently, our company employs an average of 4 people per hour and new stores are being opened constantly. No doubt one of the greatest challenges of a dispersed geography while growing that fast is continuity of internal communication and rapid access to latest information.

It is with this perspective that the need for a learning platform to meet the constant communication needs and information flow was clearly seen. When it is considered that 80% of our company’s employees are comprised of the Y generation, this platform needed to be innovative and; it needed to be compatible with different devices and accessible to employees from anywhere. Align with the needs of Y generation, “the social learning approach”, which is one of the most effective methods in mixed learning methods” stood out as the most effective approach to this need.

Now known as “blended learning”, it is an undeniable fact that the active use of this learning method increases the development and loyalty of employees. Face-to-face training method is enhanced with online training materials and the content is designed to meet the needs of the target audience are becoming more applicable. Employees now want to be able to participate in training whenever and from wherever they want and to learn by watching and practicing and participating in interactive learning.

As a company with 63 years of experience and knowledge, Migros set out from these needs and started to establish a unique social platform on which employees could be in constant contact in 2015. Migros Social, our communication and learning platform, which collects all of our employees under one roof, was made available to all Migros employees with a completely renewed infrastructure and interface at the end of 2016. Migros Social was developed with Scrum (Agile) methodology to respond to rapidly changing needs and provide a perfect user experience.

As we all know applications and teaching tools for training adapt to the rapid technological changes in the world and now transmitting information in the fastest and most efficient way has become very critical. We are in an era where no one has the time to read long written documents and it is becoming more and more difficult to learn from tools that are not visually enhanced.

Aware of this need, Migros developed Migros Social in an effort to provide its employees with information in line with their needs with the most appropriate method.

With Migros Social, employees have the opportunity to learn constantly and enjoyably with training videos of varying content, applications and games that make learning fun, competitions that develop different skills while competing and current and useful contents shared by all employees.

The content of Migros Social includes;
-A Corporate Online Video Portal
-A Gamified Q&A Application
-News Feed Including Posts of All Users
-Personal Profile Pages
-User Groups Sharing a Common Interest

Our employees can easily access Migros Social over the web and through their Android and IOS devices. Our platform is constantly updated and improved in parallel with feedbacks from our employees and daily needs in line with our “innovation and constant development” principles.

Since launch of Migros Social, around 9.000 employees logged in and it is becoming more popular every day. Reaching a daily active user number of 1.000, our platform appears to have solidified its position as an effective communication and learning tool in which a new post is shared every 30 minutes.

Products Summary:

This joyful learning environment was greeted with great interest by users and at the same time positive effects were achieved in terms of:
-Awareness about corporate agenda and news
-Effective communication
-Motivation and engagement
-Recognition, awards and appreciation

As of today:
-The platform reached about 1.000 ( 700 Android, 200 iOS, 200 Web) daily active users.
-+9.000 different users have logged in to the application.
-The platform reached a total of 350.000 sessions.
-There are about 500 training videos on Migros Tube.
-A new post is shared on the platform about every 30 minutes