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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Migros Tic.A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
Nomination Category: Managerial Training

Entry Title: Mission: LEADERSHIP

Products Essay:

Our company, leader in Turkey’s retail industry, provides services in 81 provinces spread all across the country. With a rapid growth trend in recent years, our company hires an average of 4 people per hour and new stores are being opened constantly. Developing managers align with this growth has become a critical factor in our success.

98% of managers are assigned internally. When our employees, who have no previous people management experience, reach management level they are faced the challenge of managing both their own business and people in the difficult retail industry. It is obvious that they absolutely need some managerial development in order to achieve this challenging strategic goal.

Also it is a known fact that the Y generation is increasing and more managerial skills are needed to manage this generation.

The “Mission: Leadership” program was designed for new managers according to this need. The program, first implemented in February of 2016, starts with the announcement of new assignments and continues through their first years in management. T is spread over 2 years.

Program consists of multiple learning methods such as classroom training, online training, homework, presentations, projects, profiling and team inventories.

The program is comprised of 5 modules:

1) HR Management for New Managers : HR for Managers: This course, provided by internal HR managers, explains HR applications and procedures.

2) The First 90 Days: The First 90 Days: This course was designed based on the Harvard’s approach that “The most critical period in a leader’s success is the first 90 days”. It focuses on advises on the first actions of a new leader.

The course is spread over 90 days following assignment. At the beginning of the program a profile inventory is processed and profile reports are prepared for each manager. People get feedback concerning their profile through one-one coaching sessions with the consultant. Thus they get expert advise on their challenging issues.

3) Performance Management: basic management functions like performance management, delegation, team building, feedback, etc. are conveyed in this course

4) Effective People Management: This module includes the following phases, Classroom training, Inventory Analysis and 180-degree evaluation.

Classroom training includes detailed case studies and managerial skills development. In the inventory phase, managers fill out a series of inventories for themselves. They are interpreted by the consultant and feedback is provided on the person’s strong managerial aspects, development area and management style.

The 180-degree evaluation is processed on a form that includes evaluating the manager in different management functions like delegation, feedback, management communication and decision-making. The same form is filled out by the managers themselves and their employees.

The 180-degree analysis provides the opportunity for the manager to compare their own evaluation with those of their employees in the same subjects.

5) Follow-Up: Managers meet with their employees according to the inventory results and form an action plan. The objective is to focus on development areas in managerial skills. Before followup, managers have their employees fill out a set of inventory.

At the follow-up, managers are expected to present the actions they have determined in a setting where the management consultant and their own supervisors are present. Before follow-up, managerial skills inventory is repeated and the differences from the previous one are evaluated. In these sessions the consultant evaluates the person’s actions and at the same time can recommend ways in which the managers can support their own staff based on the results of the inventories they filled out about themselves.

The managers greeted the program with satisfaction and 100% of the managers have said that the program contributes to their work and their management skills. The program continues with the 2nd group this year.

Products Summary:

This program;
-is planned as one development activity per month over the first 2 years of new managers,
-Covers all aspects of management skills,
-Places as much importance on experience sharing as it does on conveying knowledge,
-Stands out with its aspect of including inventory, evaluation and coaching processes to enable people to get acquainted with themselves and their team.
-While net effects cannot fully be distinguished yet as the program is very new, our company stood out with its management skills in 2016, a very challenging year in the Turkish retail market, and positive contribution of the business decisions made was clearly felt in the business results.

After the program in 2016;
-Market share rose by 17.3%,
-Number of stores increased 26%,
-Number of employees increased 30%,
-Our sales growth is 19.7%,
-Employee satisfaction increased by 7 points

Link: https://www.migroskurumsal.com/en/