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Company: Migros Tic.A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
Nomination Category: Achievement in Workforce Development and Learning

Entry Title: GATEM Butcher Development Program

Achievement Essay:

Main Business Need: Need for Qualified Butchers

Butcher, the fruit and vegetable, and delicatessen sections (which are called Fresh Foods) are sections that differentiate a retailer. Being a leader in fresh food section, our company puts a heavy emphasis on the training and development efforts in this vein.

Research shows that satisfaction in the meat section has a significant impact on consumers’ opinions regarding the entire fresh foods category. In other words a customer who has difficulties in the butcher section does not even bother to stop by the fruit and vegetables or delicatessen sections.

On the other hand the fact that traditional butcher shops are gradually fading away and the new generation is not necessarily carrying on the profession because they do not see employment opportunities in this field makes it very difficult to find qualified butchers in the market.

As a rapidly expanding widespread retail company that provides services to the four corners of the country, we open new stores continuously. Knowing the need that each separate store has two butchers, it is obvious to need 450 new developed butchers in a year.

The Program:
GATEM Butcher Development Program is a 240-hours program that can be completed in 3 years.

There is a phased program structure for 3 different fields of expertise:
Level 1: Butcher Training Program
Level 2: Master Butcher Training Program
Level 3: Butcher Chef Training Program

-Participants are given theoretic and academic education about meat as well as special trainings on their hand skills.
-Training centers have been established in 2 different locations in Turkey specific to this program.
-These training centers enable candidates to have real experience and witness applications to any kind of meat on the job.
-On this path to the highest position in the butcher section, a high school graduate with no expertise upon entering the job is able to work his/her way up to Butcher Chef position in 3 years.

At the beginning the candidates participate in a theoretical and applied training course at the training center that lasts 5 days. Participants who finish the training successfully are sent to their internship stores to start on the job training. Participants who complete the theoretical and applied training course take a written and applied test under the supervision of the internal instructors. Once they have completed this test successfully the butcher candidates are sent to their assigned store.

During this process our prospective butchers find the opportunity to test the information they have learned in the stores and are also invited to other programs that are in the scope of their training process. The first of these programs in our country is the certificate program applied with the cooperation of a university that is known and trusted on this subject (fresh food training), the Uludag University.

Also the participants receive 2 important certificates with this program. The first is the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Vocational Training approved certificate, accredited with the Ministry of National Education; the second is the certificate that is obtained from a program prepared with one of the universities that is a leader in food and related subjects in our country.

Considering the high rate of unemployment in our country this program can also be accepted as a serious investment in education for our country.

Program gave its graduates in 2016. To date there are a total of 2670 butchers, 986 master butchers and 210 butcher chefs have been trained with this program. When it is considered that there are a total of 15,000 butchers registered in the chamber of butchers in Turkey, the country has fulfilled 26% of its need for butchers with this program.

Achievement Summary

1. Level: Satisfaction: Evaluation scores is as high as 9.9/10
2. Level: Learning: According to this application the pre-test results of participants increasedby 75% after the program.
3. Level Behavior:
-With the program, the mystery shopper score, which was 87.85 2 years ago, rose by 13% to 99.34. This makes the meat section one of the highest mystery shopper scoring sections of the store among all the other sections in the store.
-With this program the turnover rate for butchers showed an improvement of 38% going down to 11,29.
4. Level Business Results: The clearest result of the program is establishment of our own meat brand. With the increased butcher skills boosted by the program, our company started being recognized as a brand that stands out with its meat section in our country and the revenue earned by our meat section has increased more each day.

Link: https://www.migroskurumsal.com/en/