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Company: Migros Tic.A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
Nomination Category: Interpersonal Skills Training

Entry Title: Assistant Store Manager Development Program

Products Essay:

As a rapidly expanding widespread retail company, we faced with a challenge of rapid growth. Assistant Store Managers are of critical importance in such a rapidly expanding company. 550 new developed Assistant Store Managers are needed this year. Since there are no high schools, vocational schools or graduate schools that specialize in the field of retail in Turkey; it was one of our main priorities to develop a development program for Assistant Store Managers.

During needs analysis, we find out that:

In order to be fully competent in the job; an Assistant Store Managers needs to experience 4 seasons in retail business (summer, winter, holiday and back-to-school). So, this means it takes almost whole year for a manager to be skillful.

Since retail job is a hard one, we discovered that most of our ass.store managers have difficulties on their first days on job. Substantial number of the new assistant store managers quit their job within six months. The turnover rate of Assistant Store Managers was 19.71 percent during our needs analysis period. The fact that most of the managers that left did so during the first year led us think that an effective development program can help not only competencies and time to ready process but also turnover rates of Assistant Store Managers.

Another point that we noticed during our needs analysis process is the effects of legal obligations on this program. When we started to revise two-month-program, extending the period was one of our considerations.

However during our needs analysis process we learned that legal obligations limit the trial work period with 2 months. This meant to us that we could not make the program any longer than that. After this point, we realized that we would need different approaches.

The program is a complex-structured program that involves university training, class training, on-the job training, coaching, distance learning, exams, and internship methods. Duration of the whole program is 1.5 year.

We designed a 4 phased program;

1. University Retail Certificate Program

Higher education possibilities are very limited in the field of retail in Turkey, knowing that, we started with higher education step in order to meet the future needs. We add “Retail Certificate Program” in curriculums of 3 reputable universities, which we also get the most employment.

Students enroll this Program besides their scheduled curriculum. When the students successfully graduate, they receive both their university diploma and “Retail Expert” certificate.

2. Part-Time Store Intern

They continue their last year of university and the Retail Certificate program; simultaneously they work as department staff at stores for three months.

During this internship period they work at all departments of a store. They experience all departments and also four seasons, which is a requirement to become a competent manager. When they assigned as assistant store manager they already have the experience of a whole year and seasonal change.

3. University Period Part-Time Management Trainee Internship

After accomplishing three-months department intern, management trainees continue their internship with their ass.store manager uniform. This internship lasts six months in 2 different stores. They get mentoring from the Store Manager on management and retail. They also have formal in-class and online training.

After these periods, if the trainee is e successful they are assigned as assistant managers to their permanent stores.

4. Development Program:

When the candidates are assigned, they start a six-month-long coaching, training program. They learn the essentials and get mentoring from experienced store managers.

Thanks to this program, our assistant manager candidates become competent for their position, before they actually take over the store’s liability.

Program has been accepted widely and happily in our company. We can clearly see that this program meets its objectives well. Both readiness score and measurement results support this strongly.

Products Summary:

-This program makes a clear positive impact on ass.store managers being ready for their jobs, program increases readiness by 59%. (Readiness score of program graduates is 81; Readiness score of control group (non-training group) is 51)
-Program also has a positive impact on loyalty of ass.store managers with 25%. (Turnover rate of assistant store managers decreased to 5,80 % from 7,71 %)
-We foresaw that better trained assistant store managers would create happier, higher performance employees.
-Employee satisfaction increased by %7,5 while the average satisfaction score in the industry was showing a decline.
-Our university-partnered certification program is a nationwide accepted program. Participants can add this graduation to their CV’s as an asset. So, we add to not only their career on this company, but also their life and future career.

Link: https://www.migroskurumsal.com/en