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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service


Company: McAfee, Plano, TX USA
Nomination Category: Human Resources Team of the Year – Other

Entry Title: McAfee Launch: Company Stand Up in 7 Months

Team Essay:

Project Overview:

Imagine being asked to build a plane, just as it’s taking off, while imploring critical and talented crew members take a leap, jump on and join you in getting that plane to soar. This is the analogy the HR team used to describe divesting the business from Intel and standing up a new independently-owned, dedicated cybersecurity company known as McAfee - within just seven months. Industry benchmarks show times of between 12 – 18 months for a divestiture.

Our challenge was to create and deliver new contracts, new benefits and compensations plans, onboarding documents, the selection and set up of new tools, systems and processes (those of which it would usually take a business years to acquire). And this was all to be done while keeping employees engaged, motivated and focused…and while recruiting 80% of the HR professionals needed to complete the HR organization for the new McAfee.



Putting our future in our employees’ hands: every single employee during the transition had a chance to shape our future. By presenting a once-in-lifetime opportunity to help influence our systems, organizational design, but also our culture and who we are, we wanted employees to have ownership of the company.

Creating a foundation for innovation: The HR team committed to creating building blocks for new tools, processes and systems that could evolve and grow and allow for future innovation



Getting Smart with New Tools and Systems:

-The HR team reinvented processes and systems to create a modern, world-class, fit-for-purpose HR organization, for example a new program for New Hire Onboarding has been introduced that starts weeks out from the candidate’s start date

-With a focus on the power of analytics, the team created a new continuous feedback program that allows realtime employee feedback to nurture talent. A new workforce intelligence reporting system also provides leaders granular detail on attrition, including top competitors and manager performance

-McAfee’s newly designed HR Services model answers employee demand, especially from millennials, for chat functionality


Putting Employees in the Driving Seat:

Describing the potential of a new organization only gets you so far without a vested interest from your employee base. We wanted employees to feel ownership.

We ran competitions for employee input on on benefits, systems, tools and more. Based on this we created:

A “one identity” approach for HR, IT, Finance systems significantly improving mobility and the user experience

Previous bonus programs were dependent on company performance. Employees wanted more control on bonuses so the compensation team designed this component

Employees also asked for focus on our culture and employee investments outside of L&D: our PeopleFirst Office was born.


Creation of Employee Advocacy Groups

The PeopleFirst Office was created during the transition to attract, develop and retain top talent within the organization. This helped cultivate our new culture through popular employee programs and initiatives, such as a new ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ as well as setting new diversity goals for the business.

We created a Culture Champions network of 30 employees from every business group and geography to run employee workshops, provide feedback from leaders and socialize our new culture initiative Keeping our people and company culture at the heart, we developed a company pledge to help celebrate and drive engagement for “Day One” – 70% of employees voluntarily signed within 24 hours



In just seven short months, we divested from Intel and stood up a new, independent company under the name of McAfee. The HR team worked long hours, took on new tasks and worked tirelessly to serve our employee base.

These efforts were repaid when at the height of the transition employee commitment to “helping the organization achieve its goals” remained at 97%


Team Summary:

Project Details and Key Wins:

-Transitioned over 7,000 employees in over 60 sites worldwide
-Creation, design and execution of new systems: Workday, Service Now, Ariba, Office 365, and Concur, Fieldglass, ADP, Aon Hewitt and others
-32 in-country transition roadshows
-248 benefits plans created in six months
-5,000+ employee inquiries sent to the ‘Employee Transition Mailbox’ and managed by a two-person team
-1,800 new G&A roles recruited for and filled in just six months – including 80% or the HR organization
-Awarded top 100 places to work in countries like United States and Ireland during the transition
-Created and launched new McAfee vision, mission, values, along with our new McAfee Pledge
-70% of employees voluntarily signed the pledge in 24 hours (see video) – and in June 2017 this had reached 95.5% of the organization
-Established Culture Champion program dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of our McAfee culture


McAfee Values Pledge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqYRybHgD1M
Day One Montage V3.1: https://vimeo.com/214247841/ac474d3029
McAfee Vision & Mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HwVsTuU1fw