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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Innova Bilisim Cozumleri A.S., Istanbul, Turkey
Nomination Category: Problem-Solving Training

Entry Title: Innova Management Skills Development Program

Products Essay:

The Need:

In Innova, a leading I T company producing technology, our employees are engineers and technical-minded profiles who are well-educated, intelligent, analytical, scientific-minded and generally introvert. Thus; they place more emphasis on concrete data instead of communication and human focus.

Although this helps us to succeed in the field of technology, it’s observed that there are deficiencies and improvement areas in managerial skills. It’s clear that professional competencies and interpersonal skills of managers are critical success factors for company to retain our qualified employees by increasing engagement.

We designed a development program for 2 different target groups aiming to develop our managers' professional and interpersonal skills in 2016.

Design Approach:

Classical in-class training would not be quite efficient for our target group.  We needed a blended approach based on a scientific theory, at each stage, supported by current research and analysis.

Another problem we considered is the reluctance of our employees to receive feedback and unwillingness to accept their improvement areas. So a standard leadership development program focusing on improvement areas would not ensure desired results.

We had adopted the principle of "Focusing on Strengths " as the main approach. We selected one of the world famous HR research companies as main partner, benefiting from company's data on over 20,000 people.

Development Methods:

After need analysis; the program is designed in a blended manner using;
-360-Degree Assessment
-One-to-One Coaching,
-Peer Coaching
-In-Class Training
The Program:

For Top Team Managers:

1st Step: Success Workshop
Initially, the participants came together in a workshop led by professional moderators to compose the company's common leadership language and culture. 
This workshop focuses on discussion of competencies expected from managers, employee expectations, and strategic roadmap. The main highlight is the self-awareness in reaching these goals.

2nd Step: 360-Degree Assessments
In order to identify the strengths of each employee and design personal improvement plans, all participants were subject to an assessment where they were evaluated by a group of at least 10 people consisting of employees, managers, peers, internal and external customers. They were evaluated over 16 pre-defined interpersonal competencies.
Results of these assessments helped us to design a customized development program tailored for each employee.

3rd Step: Leadership Workshops
This workshop focuses on;
- Making a Difference
- Focusing on Strengths
- Leadership Competencies

Finally all attendees will have the opportunity to review their 360-degree assessment reports and will learn how to prepare personal improvement plans with the consultant’s guidance. They also learn how to focus on strengths and design their improvement plans for themselves.

4th Step: Coaching and Follow-Up
From now on, program continues as personalized. Participants who have chosen focus areas after the evaluation reports, work on improvement plans for a year.

In order to support the development plans of the employees, - Each participant has min. 6 coaching sessions provided by professional accredited coaches. Peer-coaching and Buddy Pairing are also used to ensure continuity of development on daily work life,

5th Step: Re-Assessment
Finally, the initial 360-degree evaluation is re-applied. It is expected to have improvement on focused competencies.

Program for Middle-Level Managers
For ensuring continuity in leadership approach; development solutions consisting of 5 different modules for first and mid-level managers have been integrated into program design.

Hence, both top managers and their direct reports are involved in developmental programs with different methods. In both programs, the same consultants were included as moderators. So information flow between these target groups and programs were fed together.

Products Summary:

Since re-assessment scores of the program have not been obtained yet, net results cannot be shared. But even now, initial results are promising.
-The program is continuing with a high involvement record as 91.3%, since it is executed on managerial level where the satisfaction and development involvement is generally low.
-Although it is still difficult to completely differentiate the effect of the program, 2.41% decrease, compared to the same period of last year, in overall turnover monitored after the program started.

The main features that differentiates program is:
-Having the ability of "customized and personalized" development solution.
-A leadership model which focuses on strengths
-Based on 2 years researching the impact of leadership performance and the key behaviors that great leaders demonstrate
-Using 16 leadership competencies defined with the data set of 200,000 evaluations on 20,000 people
-Based on the approach: Lead with the data

Links: http://www.innova.com.tr/en/