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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Iconixx, Austin, TX USA
Nomination Category: Compensation Management Solution - New Version

Entry Title: Iconixx

Products Essay:

The Iconixx Analytics Grid provides customers with easy to use analytics for their most important Compensation Metrics. They are able to add customizable dashboard elements and leverage integrated compensation data and role-based security.

The Iconixx Analytics Grid gives Iconixx users the ability to easily analyze their most important compensation metrics and KPIs, create custom charts and graphs, and add them to their Iconixx Dashboard.

Iconixx Analytics Grids are configured to present three types of analysis: transaction crediting, compensation on transactions and payee compensation effectiveness.

The transaction crediting analytics grid makes it easy to see who gets what credit for transactions based on your crediting rules (i.e. splits, overrides, territories, hierarchy rollups, overlays, etc). Customers can analyze up to ten crediting variable, slicing and dicing with pre-built functions, charts and graphs, and adding the analysis to the dashboard for quick access. Simple analysis, auditing, and quick references to Transaction Credit is easy.

Compensation on transactions grid provides easy access to transactions and the calculated compensation amount based on real-time calculation of your compensation plans, components, formulas and rules. Analyze up to ten transaction variables simultaneously to gain insight into transaction margins and compensation efficiency, adding graphs and charts to the Iconixx dashboard for easy reference.

The payee compensation grid makes it easy to analyze realtime compensation based on the payee and their corresponding hierarchies and groups (i.e. compensation amount, margins and plan efficiency) by each payee and the payee's management, region, division, business unit or any other hierarchical grouping. Analytics grids use real-time calculation based on your company's plans, components, rules and the payee hierarchies.

Currently, 75% of our customer base has adopted the Iconixx Analytics Grid. We all rolling this out to all new prospects, and it is included when customers purchase our software. We have seen overwhelmingly positive responses from prospects and customers on our new Analytics Grid.

Products Summary:

-Provides easy to use compensation analytics
-Customizable dashboards
-Easily analyze most important compensation metrics and KPIs
-Transaction crediting analytics -- easy to see where commission credits should be allocated
-Compensation on transactions -- easy access to real-time compensation calcultations; -customizable dashboards
-Payee compensation -- easily visible compensation statements for employees receiving commissions; real-time updates