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Company: Istanbul Gas Distribution Company – IGDAS, Istanbul, Turkey
Nomination Category: Learning Management Solution – New

Entry Title: IGDAS Academy Project

Products Essay:

IGDAS (Istanbul Gas Distribution Industry and Trade Incorporated Company) was founded with the clear intent of saving Istanbul from air pollution on. IGDAS started to fulfill the fuel need of the city with natural gas.

IGDAS Academy

Pursuing the vision of pioneering its sector since the day of its establishment, IGDAS has realized IGDAS Academy, a modern learning and development platform.

IGDAS introduces a brand new learning model and culture to the energy sector with IGDAS Academy. The academy is the first example of blended learning model in industry in Turkey. It provides people with the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever they want, and to personalize their own development.

A. Business Need:

İGDAS Academy program has been driven from clear business need and conditions which can be summarized as;
-Continuous Development Need in the Industry
-Geographically Dispersed and Mobile Team
-Learner-Centric Training Approach
-Need for effectiveness and cost-efficiency on Training activities
-Because of Word count limits please see attached file for detailed business need.

B. Target Group:

Beyond a platform serving only to its own employees, IGDAS Academy also contributes to the development of gas sector in our country with the resources it makes available to other gas distribution companies and customers.
C. Methods: IGDAS Academy contains the following:

-Synchronous and asynchronous E-Learning,
-Interactive Video-Learning,
-Corporate Tube Video Platform,
-Book Summaries,
-Mobile Training,
-Tests and Examinations.
D. Contents: IGDAS Academy consists of 6 main programs under 2 different campuses:

1. Technical Training Campus
Technical Training Campus is comprised of the IT Development Program covering IT information that the employees will need while fulfilling their duties, and the Natural Gas Training Program prepared for the first time in the sector in Turkey.

2. Change and Development Campus
Change and Development Campus is comprised of Self-Improvement Program, Management Development Program, Corporate Development Program and foreign language programs that the employees can take for improving themselves.
E. Functionality With IGDAS Academy;

IGDAS employees can,
-access development programs they need from wherever they want at any time with a single click, and follow their own development continuously.
-access high-quality, updated and valuable information on all topics they are curious about within a short time thanks to the training catalogs in IGDAS Academy.
-access all training history and future training planned for them via a single interface.
-Instant and fast assessment can be carried out with online assessment and evaluation system,
-Discussion groups can be formed, and users can share their opinions in these discussion groups,
-Development programs with different contents can be prepared for different groups, and employees with similar needs can participate in these programs,
-Any file in a file library independent from the training can be opened to sharing in a common area by creating suitable folders.
-Via Corporate Tube, videos prepared by the employees can be opened to access so that all personnel can watch.
IGDAS Academy for Natural Gas Users:

In addition to the company personnel, IGDAS Academy is also an efficient source of development for all natural gas users in Turkey (regardless of whether they are IGDAS customers).

Natural Gas Usage Video Training series in IGDAS Academy’s interface open to public is available for access by all users. Therefore, natural gas users can ;

-access unique video training content on Natural Gas Use and Safety free of charge,
-make their natural gas use more economical with the Natural Gas Saving training in IGDAS Academy,
-have the opportunity to obtain information from the most accurate source for life security of their own and loved ones.

Products Summary:

Benefits :

With IGDAS Academy;

- Employees can access development solutions designed specifically for them whenever and wherever they want as well as;
1. one of the world’s largest IT libraries,
2. over 100 development videos of the world’s leader organizations with Turkish subtitles,
3. 50-issue self-improvement magazine and over 500 articles on self-improvement subjects,
4. Turkish summaries of 200 books that CEOs read the most.
- The first Natural Gas Technical Training Catalog in Turkey was prepared in 2016 with 46 different training topics. This number is a pioneer in natural gas industry
- An efficiency of 57% in development activities was ensured after IGDAS Academy, as well as atotal cost saving of over 1 million TL on average only in 2016.
- Satisfaction of Learning and Development activities increased by 4.27%.
- Training-Related items showed showed the most increase with 13.34% in 2016 employee satisfaction survey.