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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Glotel, Chicago, IL USA
Nomination Category: Achievement in Employee Relations

Entry Title: For Employees By Employees

Achievement Essay:

Glotel’s 2016/2017 employee relations campaign built on our tradition of innovation and ownership by providing employees the space and support to create their own employee experience. As a mid-sized firm in a high-turnover industry, Glotel struggled to balance our success in retaining tenured employees with retaining our newest. Glotel focused on three employee relations campaigns to address employee retention. The strategy included engaging employees to actively create the work environment where they would receive personal and work satisfaction.

Culture Campaign

To create a positive, engaging, playful environment, where employees feel they can take their whole selves to work. Focus was on recruiting and retaining millennials to add diversity among our tenured employees. Our culture strategy specifically went against trend of offering office perks, electing to remain true to our culture by focusing on events where employees could establish deep connections with one another. Initiatives focused on teambuilding including group fitness activities vs. individual, communal work days vs. open layout, cook-offs vs. catered snacks and team community service vs. corporate donations. Initiatives also had to be interactive – whiteboard writing prompts, humorous faux office awards, and Dubsmash wars.

Since 2016, Glotel realized a 50% increase in our millennial talent pool and a 92% retention rate on millennial hires. Additionally, Glotel’s overall turnover rate was reduced from 32% to 18%. Glotel’s proudest achievements were the activities management was the last to know about – in office snowball fights, nerf wars, and the chain gift giving game.

Meaningful Work Experiences

To empower employees to make meaningful contributions to the company, recognize their successes, and build future leaders. Initiatives included giving employees the opportunity to develop their skills by giving them the freedom to define their own success formula. Initiatives included self-directed annual goals, company-wide stay interviews, employee-developed training, and special project ownership. Initiatives also addressed work-life balance including adding additional PTO, summer hours, and a weekly feature on employee activities and photos.

To reinforce employee contributions, Glotel developed recognition programs that encouraged high levels of performance and personal satisfaction. Individual recognition programs were developed and awarded based on performance, employee nominations, and manager feedback. Glotel is at its most employee-stable point in over 10 years with low expected and unexpected turnover. As a result of low turnover and skill development Glotel has promoted 18% of employees and has filled 100% of management roles internally. Glotel is proud to say 100% of its managers and leadership have been promoted from within the company, including the CEO.

Communication Campaign To share our employee experience and employee recognition with the broader GlotelNation community.

This initiative was launched using our updated website, glassdoor, and social media pages which serve as hub for our GlotelNation community of active employees and the larger talent pool. Our social media initiative included creating video content featuring employees which served to give recognition to our employees and establish them as market experts reinforcing their work. The video campaign includes our recruitment video, employee Q&A’s, business development features, and internal videos. Using our employees to show vs. tell GlotelNation about our company capitalizes on our employee-led culture while remaining authentic.

As a result, the GlotelNation audience is more engaged with company news and employees with a 500% increase in post views. Additionally, employees feel supported and legitimized by being entrusted as a brand ambassador with 25% of employees have been publicly recognized to date, with many more in development.

Glotel has exceeded its retention goals through these campaigns and both the employees and company have enjoyed higher levels of performance and work satisfaction. Employees were challenged to contribute to the goal of making Glotel a great place to work and they delivered a high energy, positive, engaging environment.

This recognition is for them.

Achievement Summary

Chief Achievements:

-Take Your Kid to Work Day Video
-Anniversary Recognition Photos
-Whiteboard writing prompts
-Glotel Gives Back
-Photo of the Week
-Office activities – Glotel Oscars, Movies in the Boardroom, potlucks/picnics, wine Wednesday, etc
-Fitness Challenge
-Videos – Bloopers & HQ Contact List

Meaningful Work Experiences
-Recognition – promotion announcements, Kudos Korner & STARs
-Employee-developed training
-Development Plans

-GlotelNation community – glotel.com, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Twitter
-Employee Videos – YouTube channel (Come Partner With Us, Recruiter Spotlight, Bloopers), Employee
-Hot Jobs, New Hire Video





Glotel YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEPXcA-DJGI7nKZRweuLCRg