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Company: Gamelearn, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Nomination Category: Leadership Training

Entry Title: Pacific: Serious Game on Leadership Skills

Products Essay:

Pacific is the first serious game for the development of leaders and the first experience to apply the simulation in such a complex area as leadership.

Pacific Serious Game has been created with the purpose of becoming a practical manual, step by step, on how to lead high-performance teams. This manual has been designed after more than 12 years of research based on interviews with dozens of CEOs, presidents, and executives.

To provide an effective leadership training, Pacific is based on the innovative game-based learning methodology which combines:

Quality content, but with a practical approach so that the employee can practice the knowledge acquired. The content is not focused on explaining the importance of knowing how to lead, but on providing a number of techniques for raising motivation in the team, delegate effectively, understand the interests of team members…

An advanced simulator representing situations of "real" leadership. Thanks to the simulator, it is possible to create a safe environment in which the users practice the content in similar situations to those they may face in their day to day, but with the advantage of there being no risk and, as a result, improving self-confidence. Also, thanks to the simulator, the students receive personal feedback for improvement.

Gamification techniques that turn learning into an appealing experience, managing to improve the 'engagement' of the employee. The gamification techniques used are:

1. Storytelling. Pacific is set in a graphic adventure of survival. The aim of the participant is to make it out alive, together with the rest of their team, of a deserted island where they have been stranded after a plane crash.
2. Badges. Personal rewards that the participant collects as they advance in the game.
3. Levels. A leadership path ('The shell of Nautilus') that the user completes as they overcome the challenges posed.
4. Ranking. A table with leadership points.

The leadership is presented as a set of transversal skills, common to any 'manager' profile. Thus, through the game the users learn to:

-Define roles, responsibilities and common goals.
-Use techniques to understand the needs of their teams, to improve processes and to raise employee motivation.
-Develop techniques for conflict resolution and management within their teams.
-Improve their communication for task delegation, providing feedback or coaching.
-Promote the 'empowerment' of the members of their teams.
-Develop a mentality oriented towards the achievement of objectives.
-Use the most effective team building techniques to develop a team identity.

Pacific is a user-friendly leadership skills program for any company. This serious game runs on any web browser and the user just needs an Internet connection in order to play.

The results obtained by Pacific are appreciable in a training level:

-The completion ratio is 96% in more than 6,000 managers from more than 300 companies worldwide.
-98% of participants claim they apply the learned content to their jobs.

And the results can also be seen at a strategic level in companies around the World:

After finishing the training, LG Electronics identified an improvement in the area of retention of the organization: Internal promotions in the company experienced an increase of +16.28%.

Job satisfaction surveys at MAN Truck & Bus identified that 98% of employees who had completed the training (20 managers and 8 executives) were more motivated in their roles.

AXA has made Pacific the base to be developed by any new manager of the company.

Pacific has contributed to achieving the strategic goals of Gamalearn. Thus, the company specialized in the development of video games for corporate training (Gamelearn) has managed to double its turnover, surpassing all initial forecasts. The growth rate has been set a 309%, showing that Pacific is becoming a trend in the market of leadership skills training.

Products Summary:

-To apply the simulation in such a complex area as leadership.
-To combine a practical content, advanced simulation, and gamification techniques within a unique format: a video game.
-To transform a leadership course into a graphic adventure of survival in which employees must escape with their lives from a desert island.
-To offer a practical manual based on the strategies and tricks from dozens of CEOs, presidents, and executives worldwide.
-To transform leadership into transversal skills common to any manager profile.
-To turn leadership into an applicable tool for each professional.
-To develop a user-friendly soft skills program that makes leadership learning through video games more accessible to any company.
-To increase the employee engagement thanks to making learning a different, fun and engaging experience.
-To achieve a real impact on organizations like LG, MAN or AXA.
-To lead the great trend in corporate training over the next five years.