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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: G&A Partners, Houston, TX USA
Nomination Category: Achievement in Workplace Health & Wellbeing 

Entry Title: G&A Partners' EVOLVE Wellness Program Helps Employees Achieve Meaningful Results

Achievement Essay:

G&A Partners greatly values its employees and goes to great lengths to create an engaging work environment that fosters happy, healthy employees. To do this, we offer a comprehensive,  individualized wellness program (“EVOLVE”) that educates employees about their health and empowers them to reach their own personal wellness goals.

G&A Partners also understands that wellness is more than just increasing physical activity and eating more vegetables. To expand our program to reach more needs and interests we implemented monthly wellness challenges aimed to target each dimension of wellness: physical, social, environmental, intellectual, occupational and emotional. We’ve found that focusing on one goal per month makes the prospect of developing healthy habits attainable without being too difficult. Ideally, after a year of making these changes, employees will master many small health behaviors that, when compounded, will turn into full, long-term lifestyle changes. In addition to the monthly challenges, G&A partners offers gym and Costco membership reimbursements support these long-term lifestyle changes.

To further personalize our program, G&A Partners also offers health coaching to all of its employees. This opportunity is invaluable, as it gives individual employees a chance to meet one-on- one with a Wellness Specialist who can educate, motivate and aid in goal setting and encourage accountability. We also offer wellness credit for employees who take advantage of preventative health care services to help encourage employees to get the individual care that they need to maintain their overall health.

In addition to making this program multi-faceted, educational and engaging through the program design alone, we wanted to further increase participation by tying it to employee insurance premiums. Those who take advantage of the wellness program and participate in monthly and other challenges receive wellness points. These points, along with the results of biometric screenings and health assessments, are then used to calculate employees’ Individual Health Indicator (IHI) scores, which determine each employee’s health insurance premium. Employees with optimal IHI scores have lower premiums, creating a monetary incentive for employees to participate in the program.

Overall, we saw some wonderful improvements in the overall health of our employees in 2016. Since adding new initiatives to our program we saw the following results according to our annual HRA and biometric screening reports:

-94% of employees participated in at least one wellness activity

-90% of employees reported having a more positive outlook on work and life

-53% of employees lost weight and body fat

-44% of employees increased their HDL (good cholesterol)

-44% of employees decreased their blood pressure

-38% of employees decreased their total cholesterol

-34% of employees reported experiencing lower levels of stress

-10% of employees reported experiencing lower levels of chronic pain

As a whole, we also found that the comprehensive wellness approach transformed our culture as employees began encouraging one another to make healthy choices while maintaining a healthy level of competition and support.

G&A Partners’ commitment to creating a culture of health and wellness has garnered a number of accolades, including being named one of the “Healthiest Employers” in each of the cities it has offices in.

Achievement Summary:

-The G&A Partners “EVOLVE” wellness program targets each dimension of wellness: physical, social, environmental, intellectual, occupational and emotional

-The program also includes one-on-one health coaching with G&A’s wellness specialist, a certified nutritionist and personal trainer

-To increase participation, employee’s health insurance premiums are tied to their participation in the program

-In 2016, 94% of G&A Partners’ workforce participated in at least one wellness challenge

-In 2016, 53% of employees lost weight and body fat

-The wellness program has had a profound impact on G&A Partners’ culture, with employees regularly discussing tips on eating healthy, encouraging each other to take advantage of available emotional wellness services and even meeting up outside of work to exercise





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