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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Ceridian, Minneapolis, MN USA
Nomination Category: Onboarding Solution – New

Entry Title: Ceridian Introduces Dayforce Onboarding

Products Essay:

As part of the core of the Dayforce Human Capital Management offering, Dayforce Onboarding leverages the strengths of Dayforce HCM’s single application, providing seamless transitions to all areas of HCM and enabling organizations to better socialize their new hires or newly transboarded individuals.

Recognizing that the employee experience is key to improving engagement and retention, Dayforce Onboarding delivers a personalized onboarding experience to every new hire in the form of a guided process taking them through all the stages of onboarding.

This includes tools like the interactive Onboarding Checklist, which lists a series of tasks (request for contact details, banking details, tax forms etc.) with specific due dates new hires need to complete to ensure their onboarding experience goes smoothly and facilitate compliance with legislative and business requirements. Each task links to a form, or group of related forms, that they complete in the application. The application automatically reminds new hires if tasks are not completed in time, helping simplify and effectively manage the onboarding process.

For managers, Dayforce Onboarding provides functionality to review at a glance a list of all their new hires, or team members in new roles, and their progress in the onboarding process. This enables managers to help drive a successful and effective onboarding experience for each of their new employees.

Managers are also empowered (through the application) to assign a guide for each new hire. This gives their onboarding new hire, or employee in a new role someone knowledgeable to connect with, reducing the amount of time managers spend answering basic questions while helping to ensure new hires and transboarded employees have a go-to for these answers and feel welcome at the organization. New hires can connect with their guide through Dayforce messaging. Finally, the Manager Checklist lists the expectations of what’s required of the manager to successfully onboard their employees, while enabling HR to keep track of and report on these activities.

Having said this, the main disrupter of Dayforce Onboarding is the fact that in addition to traditional, process aspects of onboarding, it also focuses on the cultural integration and engagement of the new hire, enabling them to become more effective, productive, and engaged in a shorter period of time.

For instance, as part of the cultural integration aspect of the onboarding experience, Dayforce Onboarding digitally introduces new hires to their teams, presenting them pictures and bios of their team, as well as a relevant org chart. This helps new team members connect with their colleagues faster – especially with the assistance of Dayforce TeamRelate, which provides information on an individual’s communication styles and core convictions, helping new hires successful interact and build better relationships more quickly.

With people switching companies and jobs more often than in the past, providing an optimal onboarding and transboarding experience is a fantastic way to retain talent and build new leaders.

Conversely, a poor onboarding or transboarding experience can lead to low morale and a loss of top talent, so getting it right is essential.

Dayforce Onboarding reduces the time spent on administrative paperwork and provides more company and team-specific information to new hires and transfers, which in the past would have typically been received on Orientation Day. The ability to move more administrative functions in the onboarding process upfront provides more time on orientation day to dive further into company culture, spend more time with team members, and truly orient new hires and transfers to the organization.

There are approximately 2,000,000+ Dayforce HCM users worldwide. More than 100 customers have already adopted Dayforce Onboarding, and many more choose to add the new functionality each month. Ceridian anticipates exponential growth for Dayforce Onboarding users/customers in 2017.

Products Summary:

Dayforce Onboarding delivers:

-A configurable onboarding experience for new hires and employees entering new roles, including flexible design and anywhere access via tablets, smart phones and desktop devices
-Quicker time to productivity & effectiveness for new employees and newly transboarded employees
-Increased accuracy in transition from candidate to new hire, and role to role with the automatic transfer of information gathered during onboarding into all HR processes
-Better employee engagement by connecting with new hires using tailored onboarding processes
-The ability to provide new hires with greater understanding of their job and the organization prior to Day 1
-The convenience to complete the onboarding experience anywhere and anytime
-A consistent and repeatable onboarding experience
-The ability to extend the onboarding experience beyond the first day, week, and month of the employee lifecycle
-Transboarding functionality for employees switching jobs and departments
-Managed compliance and reduced process variances