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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: Brainard Strategy, Carlsbad, CA USA
Nomination Category: Leadership or Skills Development Solution Provider of the Year

Entry Title: Brainard Strategy - Executive Leadership Development Provider

Solution Provider Essay: Text Redacted for Publication

Brainard Strategy is a management consulting firm which delivers tier-one leadership, strategy, and organizational development services. Brainard Strategy’s mission is to transform leaders and organizations to drive measurable and sustainable business results.

The organization’s accomplishments since January 2016 include delivering a TED Talk, facilitating its executive leadership development program on three continents, earning the Leadership Program of the Year Award for its EXCELerateSM leadership development program, and celebrating its tenth anniversary. Additionally, Michael Brainard, CEO, was invited to join the Forbes Coaches Council and was a finalist for the San Diego Business Journal’s 2017 Most Admired CEO Award.

Since January 2016, Brainard Strategy has focused its expertise on executive leadership development, becoming a premier national provider in this space. This focus was determined based on three facts:

1. Executive leaders are the driving force in shaping workplace culture and experience.
2. Workplace experiences significantly impact personal lives.
3. The impact of poor leadership at the executive
Brainard Strategy is passionate about improving people’s quality of life by limiting the impact of poor leadership in corporate America through its services.

Brainard Strategy’s executive leadership development services include coaching, team development, and leadership development programs. The organization designed a one-of-a-kind premier executive leadership development program called EXCELerateSM. The program has grown from two cohorts in 2014 to 17 cohorts to date, and has been delivered on three continents: North America, Europe, and Asia.

EXCELerateSM is a blend of academic, psychological, and leadership competency-based content (see “Unique Perspectives”). Leaders participate in a suite of assessments, instructor-led learning, one-on-one coaching, group-based action learning projects, and social learning through an industry leading social media portal (“EXCELerate Slick”). The program drives genuinely honest self-awareness and cultural transformation. Further, it equips leaders to consistently assess their performance and leadership impact. Since January 2016, Brainard Strategy has produced first-class participant materials, developed manuals for the participants’ managers to reinforce application of learning in the workplace, and completely redesigned the social learning platform. The portal was awarded the 2017 Leadership Program of the Year Award by Promote International, a Kirkpatrick Partners affiliate. The award selection committee was led by Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff, world-renowned learning effectiveness and evaluation expert.
Participants’ work in this program has given them the internal exposure to play a firsthand role in initiating new strategies, directly resulted in promotions, and driven vast personal development.

Brainard Strategy celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Since January 2016, Brainard Strategy has grown its sales team to eight additional locations, expanding its national and international reach. This year, the organization is on track to grow more than 1.5 times 2016’s revenue.

In May 2017, Michael Brainard delivered a TED Talk, “The Bias Trifecta,” encouraging leaders to understand that our unconscious biases are part of the human condition. He shared insights that enable leaders to mitigate the impact these biases have on decision making in organizations and society (“The Bias Trifecta”). Since January 2016, Brainard Strategy has published a corresponding white paper and developed a leadership development solution to support leaders in humbly recognizing, accepting, and taking actions to mitigate the risks of unconscious bias in their companies (“Leadership Pitfalls”; “Unconscious Bias Slick”). This program is currently being delivered nationwide and changing the culture of numerous companies.

Brainard Strategy has enjoyed ten years of success in transforming organizations by developing leaders. Brainard Strategy is excited to continue partnering with organizations to develop their leaders, drive top and bottom line growth, foster innovation, reduce turnover, and engage today’s workforce.



The Bias Trifecta: The Effect on Leadership Decision Making | Michael Brainard | TEDxUCIrvine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQV4WjWymFk&t=3s