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Gold Stevie Award Winner 2016, Click to Enter The 2017 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer service

Company: BenefitMall, Dallas, TX USA
Nomination Category: Brand Training

Entry Title: BenefitMall Employee Brand Training: "BE BenefitMall"

Products Essay:

BenefitMall is a national provider of employee benefits, payroll, HR and employer services. Working with a network of more than 20,000 Trusted Advisors, comprised of Brokers and CPAs, BenefitMall enables more than 200,000 small and medium sized businesses easy access to affordable quality workforce solutions including employee benefits, payroll, compliance, and HR.

BenefitMall merged with CompuPay in May 2012 to create the leading national provider of employee benefit and payroll solutions services for small and medium sized businesses across the United States. As a result of the merger, our challenge was born – to create a cohesive, unified brand and story, and educate BenefitMall employees to share the same, corporate story.

In 2016, BenefitMall expanded the way its 1200+ employees tell our corporate story – through an internal brand launch roll out and training. The purpose of the BenefitMall internal branding campaign was to create a cohesive written and visual message told through BenefitMall’s employees – the ambassadors. Our approach to engaging and creating 1,200 BenefitMall employees across 30 nationwide offices was to cohesively share the same message and story, through the BenefitMall “BE” campaign platform.

“BE BenefitMall” serves as the foundation and strategic platform for all components for brand education. Communications and a marketing plan included a brand road show, employee touchpoints, and ongoing email communications surrounded by the “BE” theme, preparing each brand ambassador to tell our corporate story. Additionally, there were three additional components that followed under the “BE BenefitMall” umbrella. The BE platform was originally put in place as a year long program. However, its shelf life has yet to expire and will continue to serve as the internal brand “bug” at our new corporate home in September 2017.

BE BenefitMall
BE Branded
BE Personal
BE Social

The brand roadshow included a hands-on approach for all 30 offices and webinars for those who work remotely. During the 2016 calendar year, Laura Clenney, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development and Kim Neeley, Director of Marketing Communications and Brand, visited each major site location across the country. Prior to visits, they coordinated with key contacts at each satellite office to prepare them for the onsite visits. Each visit included eye-catching visuals presentations, desk-drops (Brand, Persona, and Social Media guides), and a wear and tear “authentic” symbolic ball camp for each for employee. Interactive group discussions from the 60-90-minute presentations were well received by local staff and leadership.

Additionally, four webinars took place and were speaker led and instructed by BenefitMall’s, Laura Clenney, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development and Kim Neeley, Director of Marketing Communications and Brand.

Post each branding session, each satellite office and brand ambassadors received brochures and hung posters to keep excitement going.

The three BE components each had their own written guidelines:
1. BE Branded – Brand Guide: BenefitMall brand guidelines and elements of logo, name mention, and visual design.
2. BE Personal – Persona Guide: Focus on internal employees and their business with a personal touch through BenefitMall’s mission and guiding principles.
3. BE Social – Social Media Guide: As a company, BenefitMall embraces social media, but with a thoughtful and tactful approach on how the BenefitMall story is told.

Each month, brand ambassadors received tips and communications on how to share current, trending assets such as a corporate video, branding guides, promotions, and industry knowledge.

Products Summary:

-Unified the position, message, and tone of how BenefitMall employees reference the company to its customer, clients, and partners.
-Provided a competitor advantage. Employees are able share up-to-date and relevant content to their external audience.
-BenefitMall brand guidelines serves a quick and easy reference guide for easily accessible logos, colors, and fonts for providing consistency.
-Boosted employee morale and engagement by hosting onsite events and monthly email touchpoints.
-Competitive advantage because of the combined benefits and payroll knowledge of our employees.

Results –
-95 % of employee engaged with campaign and training
-"BE BenefitMall” video has 1,454 views and 6,662 minutes watched